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Doug Swanson

11 Days Ago

Recent Sales Page

Just a question - How long does it take for a sold image to show up on the recent sales page and how long does it stay there? I assumed that it depends on overall traffic, but what would be an average? I'm curious because I've never actually seen one of my sales show up there. I don't stalk the site waiting for that moment, but I'm just curious.

Am I right that things like phone cases or coffee mugs don't show there? All I generally see are prints.

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JC Findley

11 Days Ago

You are right about it showing prints.

The image goes into that que almost as soon as it has sold. It stays there for 24 hours or so.

Now, that being said there are hundreds or thousands of images sold daily and you only see a small sample when you log in. Any one image may not make that sample at all.


Jessica Jenney

11 Days Ago

You may have to refresh the page over and over if you really want to see it.


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

i've found in the past it will be instant, but not all go there. and i think it depends on the volume of sales, but its around 3 days of circulation. you only see prints, i think there was another page for cards, not sure about the rest.

usually you have to reload over and over.

----Mike Savad


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