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Susan Janus

10 Days Ago

Can You Block Specific Members From Entering Contests?

Just curious. Thanks!

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Ronald Walker

10 Days Ago

Just curious , why?


David King

10 Days Ago

No, you cannot. Ron, I suspect she's trying to weed out people that ignore the rules.


Richard Reeve

10 Days Ago

No, you cannot, as far as I know. But the contest administrator can always remove anyone at any time if their entries don't meet the rules (or any other reason is you don't mind getting into an argument!)



Susan Janus

10 Days Ago

Hi Ronald, David,

Yes, David, you are correct!! :)

Hi Richard,

Yes, I do delete contest images that do not follow criteria, but it is time consuming. There are only certain types of members who appear to ignore everything. If the same people keep doing it, I will just make a rule that all their images will be removed from the contest, if one or more of their images do not match. I have been removing images but not penalizing anyone as yet. I have had people just turn around and then send another batch of images that do not fit the criteria.

I have also been sending out some PM's, but doing that is time-consuming.

I post rules in points, add examples to the contest, and add notes to the contest Disscusion board.

No one has fought with me about anything and I have been polite to all. I'm just trying to save time, but it is important that the rules are followed for the integrity of the contest, so I will continue to try to resolve this. There is a lot of great talent here, and I would like to see some of the people who are considerate get some more exposure than the bullies.

Thanks for the input, everyone! :) Have a great day!


Jessica Jenney

10 Days Ago

Image dumpers! UGH! So annoying!


Susan Janus

10 Days Ago

Yes, Jessica.

Sorry, it's necessary! :) No image is removed that follows the criteria, however. Also, if I believe there had been a misunderstanding, and I have time, I contact the member to explain. Unfortunately, some people appear to know what they are doing and are just wasting my time on purpose in their pursuit to gain exposure.

It is already time-consuming to run public contests, and I am additionally providing other awards. I think I am being more than fair. It's only courteous to attempt to follow rules when you enter. This is what I do if I enter someone else's contest.

Have a good day! :)


Susan Janus

10 Days Ago

Thank you all for your input. Questions have been answered. Have a good day.

Also, thanks for input from all to the related discussion. Questions have been answered.


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