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Nanci Worthington

8 Days Ago

Group Glitch - Fixed ! Thank You ;)

Hi - having trouble with the group Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple -

I was editing the group ALL COLORADO and then noticed while editing the ALL COLORADO group that the image for the Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple group (the pink logo image) appeared automatically in the spot for the ALL COLORADO group - ????
I did not have the Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple group open, but I had just finished updating the homepage of the Pretty in Pink group prior to working on the All Colorado group.

Now the Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple group is not showing up at all. However it does show up in the list of groups and my admin groups but it doesn't function -it says the title of the group is ALL COLORADO. After clicking on Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple group with the pink logo which- it says Page Not Found.

Your help would be most appreciated ;)

Nanci Worthington

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Nanci Worthington

8 Days Ago

Update ....I was able to access the Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple Group thru my profile page under groups - I made the necessary changes. However I am unable to access the group from the main group/administrator pages.


Steve Clarke

8 Days Ago

This site seems to be riddled with errors related to updates - single image, collection or group.

It really needs to be addressed asap. I don't know why these issues either got to be in the first place, or why they are not fixed pronto.

Seems to me that any update is not really an update but creates a new image / collection / group. That's just ridiculous.

Truth is, many here would jump ship if there was a new and similar site that actually worked properly; sad to say.

I hope things get resolved and we can all relax. But the wait is getting unbearable. A lot of malcontent out there atm - it's not just me; I'm just the messenger who could get shot.

Not to be tooooo negative - the forum works ok : )

If only the main site was as reliable ...


Nanci Worthington

7 Days Ago

I was able to access the group through my profile page under the group tabs ....those that are right above my images. However, I am not able to access the group that is from the pull down menu on the top right under my name. Now the image for the group is gone etc.,


The site is always under maintenance. Usually if something gets screwy it's because they are adjusting things. Time is your best approach to a solution. If a day or two passes and it's still not fixed, please go ahead and submit a tech support ticket using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Nice to see you finally have something positive to say about FAA Steve! The forum is pretty cool, doncha think? That's why the people here value it almost as much as they value FAA :)

Susan Maxwell Schmidt
So-so Group Moderator,
Sometimes Board Moderator and
Artist Extraordinaire


Nanci Worthington

7 Days Ago

Thanks Susan - yes time is always on our side ;) no worries - most everything is fixable ;)


Steve Clarke

7 Days Ago

Susan - I have in fact made very positive comments about FAA (to the extent that some might call me a sycophant or possible FAA plant) - particularly the model, over the last months. *

And it is because of that positive feeling that I say here what I said - I want FAA to be what it could be.

I defended the model but WILL NOT defend clearly defect implementation, as you are seemingly willing to do.

It makes no sense not to point out obvious flaws - and no, it's not a matter of maintenance and things will be better tomorrow - these issues have been going on for many months.

I don't do negative. This is positive - there are things that need to be resolved, not just hidden.

* see, for example, the thread about ruin art. Art opens people's eyes, FAA, by getting more involved in art, is good for the world.

So I want it to succeed - and that's why I am saying that there are issues that need fixing.

I'm not saying something 'bad', just speaking truth.

What we hear about is just the tip of the iceberg. The unease is much much bigger than realised.

Ask Don or Floyd or Mike or David or others - I like, even admire, these people, but I will disagree with them when I see fit. And we all go on. I like you too, in fact, so no problem to bash me - forgotten tomorrow.

Sticking up for an org no matter what is lunacy.

Don't be fooled because noone shows up to second me - they are not fools. They are there.

Some day someone will see the opportunity. Someone will do it; there's a gaping hole and someone will fill it.


Steve Clarke

7 Days Ago

Funny that Nanci thanks Susan but not me. Without people willing to stick their neck out, their issues will not get resolved.

I'm not in any groups and have no collections, so most of these issues don't affect me personally.

Should I simply delete my posts ? What then when it's April, May, June ... and you still have these problems ???


Steve Clarke

7 Days Ago

If I'm kicked out, there will be a new site. Same basic model. No shower curtains, beach towels or battery cases; but calendars and jigsaws and fridge magnets - things that actually sell. I'd limit images to 250 so only the very best is uploaded * and all uploads will be judged as to printability / basic standard before going live by other members. There would be no member fee to pay. P&P would be up-front and lower. And it will actually work - that's the main difference. Set up a go-fund-me and bring in other talent and it would be live in a week or two. I could do that, no problem. Call it or something. Within a couple of months, half the best selling artists would be on my site (they are itching to jump, but nowhere to go yet). * Might be flexible on that.

I could look back and say I told you so. If things don't turnaround, and I get interest from others, for sure I will do it. It's my day job and I'm good at it.


Nanci Worthington

7 Days Ago

Everything is back to normal !

Like with everything - wait a day or sit on it..... it's all good now:)

As far as the weather here in Colorado - there is a saying
...If you don't like the weather today....wait a day !

Sunshine is out today and melting all the snow !

~ Pretty in Pink Blue or Purple Group


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