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Marcelo Barrera

11 Days Ago

Metallic Paper Prints Framing

I like the color rendering of the metallic paper prints but I don't think it will be a good idea to frame it over glass.

Any ideas how to display this kind of prints?

Thank you.


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Mike Breau

11 Days Ago

I do metallic paper and frame utilizing a space or mat between the print and the glass.
No different than framing any other paper print.

Why do you think it's not a good idea?


RD Erickson

11 Days Ago

I probably would not do it under glass - but I might even directly under museum glass or acrylic.


Gill Billington

10 Days Ago

I’ve sold them as Mike described. They look stunning for colorful prints.


Marcelo Barrera

8 Days Ago

Mike I think it is not a good idea because the finish of the metallic paper is shiny and reflective and adding glass on it I think it is going to give a weird effect.

Thank you everyone for the info and feedback.


Denise Beverly

7 Days Ago

I have had metallic stick to glass much like some gloss can. can be framed but definitely needs some matting to space the print from the glass.


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

I had a buyer return one last month I don't remember the framing details and that is gone now. They came back and ordered an acrylic print. It took then a few weeks to cancel, so I guess they didn't like it, once they saw it.


@ Marcelo, I do top mounted prints over a rigid gatorboard substrate with float-mount spacers attached to the back side so they can be displayed frameless. The prints are also encapsulated with a UV protective laminate that does not reduce the effectiveness of any metallic or pearl fine art papers. I provide this format from my own website though, and self fulfill client sales directly. I've had clients drop them right into a frame just as easy, no reason to window mat and no need to place glass in front of the print because it's already encapsulated.

I don't like to place glass in front of a paper print, unless, it is mounted under acrylic glass. I loathe the glare of the glass sheets and the fact it's so heavy and brittle. The stand-in plexi...well I won't even comment. The top-mounted prints over rigid gatorboard are popular with my clients, they seem to fill the niche' for some buyers wanting an hd acrylic museum mount but are unable to over reach.


Mike Breau

6 Days Ago

I use the metallic luster, not the gloss.
Done as I said above. No problems yet!


David Randall

5 Days Ago


Any educated framer will not place ANY print or art against the glass for that reason and for others including mold and mildew.


Marcelo Barrera

5 Days Ago

Thank you so much all for the feedback and all very interesting info.

T-S Fine Art to mount the metallic print over gatorboard require heat to do it? It wont damage the print? I would love the idea to display my metallic prints this way.

Any way to elaborate more about this process? BTW you have an amazing collection of pictures..!!

Thank you so much Mike for the info.



@ Marcello

You would really enjoy this display format. And thanks for the compliment on my work I still have visible here on my FAA page. The works on my personal site are more critically curated and most of them I don't upload here, but that's off-topic back to your questions :)

Here's the quick synopsis. An archival quality adhesive layer gets flawlessly mounted over the rigid board first before the fine art print is attached, and finally encapsulated. No heat or risk of damage. I'm not doing this myself from a home studio. I have a very select (small) group of professional print labs I work with that craft 3 of my favorite print formats I provide to clients shopping on my website. Regarding the top-mounted gatorboard format, the print lab I am using stands behind their quality and workmanship which allows me to provide a full 1-year guarantee to my customers.

**Its taken some time to locate a qualified print lab for this format. I've ordered samples from several companies that advertise they provide this print format, and unfortunately, most of them don't provide the quality I demand from them so I'm loyal... correction, make that not literally married to just the one**

Here's a link to my Print Format Description page. Hopefully, it's an active hyperlink, if not copy/paste to browser.


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