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Samir Mendal

5 Days Ago

Digital Painting

Samir Kumar Mandal

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Floyd Snyder

5 Days Ago

Very cool Simar.

You have not asked a question or made a comment so I am not sure what you are looking for.

No uploads and you have been a member since 2013.

I am thinking you are just looking for some feedback.

Jump into the pool and upload some images...

Best of luck to you.


Floyd Snyder

5 Days Ago

Now I see you opened another thread and posted another cool image.

You should know that the threads are for starting discussions and asking questions. They are not intended to promote your artwork.

Abbie will no doubt be by to with some guidelines for you. She is the official moderator for the threads.


Mike Savad

5 Days Ago

there are rules against putting up a photo and not starting an actual conversation. this isn't the place to advertise, you should be going to other sites. and considering you didn't even upload it to the site, makes it impossible to buy it anyway. the one you do have up can't print because its enlarged and blurry, and there are no keywords so no one will find that.

----Mike Savad


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