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Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

9 Days Ago

New Images Appear In Searches On Our Aw Only If I Am Logged In

If I'm logged in as Administrator, I do see my new images in searches. If I'm not logged in, the same images do not appear in the search for the same keyword. If this is a bug has it been reported?

Thank you.

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DeAnna Hutson

9 Days Ago

I'm having the same issue.


Susan Wiedmann

9 Days Ago

My two new images with an identical keyword don't appear in the AW Search whether I am logged in OR out.

Also, in FAA Search only one of the two new images with the identical keyword appears. I carefully checked the 486 results.

I wrote Abbie a couple days ago and she said Sean is aware of this issue.


Andrea Mazzocchetti

9 Days Ago

Take a look at the main discussion about this topic >>


I hope this get fixed soon as there are so many images that do not appear in searches that I have downloaded in the last month that don't show up still!!


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