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Angelo DeVal

9 Days Ago

The Bicycle As A Creative Tool

Just asking... how many of you use the Bicycle as a tool for your creative endeavor?

Besides using the bicycle to keep on fit, I use to use it on many photo outings, specially where I need to get into places where it's impossible to go by car, or when going hiking would take a great amount of time.

The joy of exercising, while being in touch with nature is more than worth, sum that to the fact of no CO2 emissions.
If you never grabbed a bicycle for going out painting or photographing try it at least once, you might discover a new joy and your health and environment will salute you!

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Chuck De La Rosa

9 Days Ago

Hi Angelo!

Just a reminder that image threads have to be approved by Abbie!

That said I do take my camera on a lot of biking excursions. We don't off road so much, stick to rails to trails mostly. But it's amazing how many things you would not see otherwise. I have hiked a lot over the years also. Hiking, biking, the outdoors, and photography. Combining my greatest passions.


Not exactly what you may be looking for, but.... As a sort of side project, I've been photographing bicycles throughout Chicago for years. I'm fascinated by the places I find them in the city and I marvel at how they're not stolen or mishandled.


Angelo DeVal

9 Days Ago

Chuck De La Rosa thanks for informing, I didn't know about the approval. Many things to discover for sure when we venture in nature


Larry Braun

8 Days Ago

I not only shoot and ride but I love incorporating bikes into my shots

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Kathy K McClellan

8 Days Ago

Hello Angelo!

I lost my car in a hurricane and spent over two years riding around our town on a tricycle equipped with two baskets.

The basket on the front held my camera bag and the larger one on the back was for my dog. I took photographs documenting our town's damage and cleanup.

It was an economical, ecologically friendly mode of transportation that also benefited me physically and emotionally.

I'm actually hoping to move to a bicycle friendly area again soon.


Angelo DeVal

8 Days Ago

Great shot Larry!

Interesting story Kathy, I thing that's a common thing for cyclists, safety due to huge traffic. I'm really into road bikes, but the thought of being limited to roads is something that keeps me from buying a new road bike. My current main bike is a MTB adapted with city tires to meet both worlds


Chuck De La Rosa

8 Days Ago

My current main bike is a MTB adapted with city tires to meet both worlds

Interesting. I have a hybrid, but with MTB style tires for exactly the same reason. No way I would ride a lot of the trails and roads here with road bike tires.


Nikolyn McDonald

8 Days Ago

When I saw the thread title, I expected to find a discussion about riding a bicycle through paint and then over large pieces of canvas to create abstract (or not) art :)


Abbie Shores

8 Days Ago

I have two bikes. A hybrid and a Brompton folding bike for the car

The hybrid cost about £20 second hand, but that folding bike cost me £900 :-O

I love biking.... prefer my motorbike I had but, as I have only a car now, these do


Brian Wallace

8 Days Ago

My philosophy as far as exercise goes... "No Pain, No Pain".


Peggy Collins

8 Days Ago

We've been talking about buying a recumbent trike, and maybe one that is powered by hand instead of your legs. My husband is deep into researching them right now.

However, I pretty much prefer to walk everywhere...I find that even on a bike you can miss things. So I take my camera along on all my hikes/walks. Lately I've been walking to town on a trail next to the (unused) railroad tracks, but also partway on the tracks themselves. I see all kinds of wildlife there...quail families with tiny babies have been the latest cool thing I've been coming across. And lots of tiger swallowtail butterflies.


Judy Kay

8 Days Ago

When I go to shark valley I put my Specialized bike in the back of my VW Beetle, This hybrid bike is so perfect , It is light weight has good sturdy tires and is super conmfortable, It fits perfectly in the back of the car and I can even close the door, which I was unable to do when I had the Mini Cooper, I had bought a folding bike but exchanged it because it just didn't seem sturdy enough for this type of terrain, The trail is `15 miles and the bike really allows me to take reach pivitol points when needed, For exercise I ride the Peloton bike 2x a week, What a workout!


Andrew Pacheco

8 Days Ago

I don't use a bicycle for creative endeavors, but Frank Zappa played one as a musical instrument on television back in '63. That's pretty creative!


Richard Reeve

8 Days Ago

I immediately thought of the "action painting scene" by Tony Hancock in the 1961 film "The Rebel" (aka :Call Me Genius" in the US for reasons unknown...), as a parody of William Green's work.

That film continues to resonates with the artistic community nearly 60 years on...



Suzanne Powers

8 Days Ago

You see a lot of photo ops riding a bicycle that you would not notice if you are whizzing by in a car.


Michael Hoard

6 Days Ago

Greetings Angelo, I would have to say since I no longer have my jeep and ride my bike every day the majority of all my images photo ops in my gallery were discovered because I was on a bike. I recently joined the Bike Easy New Orleans organization. The group was responsible along with the city creating independent bike lanes all throughout the entire city. I recently did a round trip 30 miles or more and leaving shortly to do over 50 miles. For 67 and riding my bike I continue to remain in perfect health I had always been a long distance bicyclist within the city this is my first journey west and out of the city.

I will be using the completed bike path atop the Mississippi River from New Orleans to 25 miles west of the city to the Bonnie Carrie Spillway the flood gates which have remained opened the longest in its history to prevent the city from flooding from all the spring thaws of ice and snow, rains up north and west which flow into the Mississippi River. The water from the Mississippi River is diverted to Lake Pontchartrain then flows into the Gulf of Mexico east of the city known as the Gulf Coast. s I will return with an update and photos of the spillway.....Happy Trails.....


Angelo DeVal

6 Days Ago

"Interesting. I have a hybrid, but with MTB style tires for exactly the same reason. No way I would ride a lot of the trails and roads here with road bike tires."
I love mixed tires, the ones with the side knobs

I never had a folding bike Abbie, but thought about the idea of taking one with me on the festivals sometime I attend

Those arm powered tricycles are cool Peggy, I find bike tourists once in a while on the road travelling on them

I haven't watched that vid Andrew, nice share!

Crazy scene Richard!

I think the same Suzanne, I usually bring my camera in a handlebar bag, very easy and quick to grab it

I think there is no age for adventure Michael, I have met tons of people and friends of mine, even younger than me, that say they are not young enough to cycle for example, maybe it's more about brains


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