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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

8 Days Ago

Bulk Editing: Y'all May Want To Make Sure You Have Prices On Everything!

I just went to bulk edit my prices and add the new smallest size t-shirts....and, I thought I'd check out my other items prices while I'm at it and came to see that I didn't have prices for about 10 other things. Sheesh! Y'all might want to check yours. Off to check all of my Default prices now.

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Joy McKenzie

8 Days Ago

This has happened to me twice, Rose. It happened ... or I noticed it... on our last two new product additions. I didn't remove the prices, and in a few cases the descriptions... but about 20-30 images had no prices at all on any product. There were fewer missing descriptions, but still. Very strange glitch!


I guess we'll just have to keep checking on these things from time to time.


Jeffrey Kolker

8 Days Ago

Check your default pricing to make sure new items get set up each time you add them.


Joseph C Hinson

7 Days Ago

I keep an Excel file where I have current prices and older prices listed in case this happens to me. I keep product prices listed too even though they don't automatically fill in on my defaults since most of my stuff can't be sold on products anyway.

Same thing with the Metadata. I keep those files in Elements so I have them ready to go on upload. There are too many variables on line to just assume the metadata and prices will stay on every single image we upload.


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

i've seen this happen before, you change the prices and now less things are priced. but its nearly impossible to check it, though i suppose if i just did a listing for each product it would come up as if i'm selling it or not. it won't show me if the price is wrong.

----Mike Savad


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