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4 Months Ago

Daily Likes #3

How it works:

To start, click on the like button, the thumbs up button on the right of the image,( it's the one in the middle), of each link posted going back 24 hours. Open the big skip.
Then post one image link that you would like promoted by copying and pasting the url link at the top of your browser.
If you choose you may comment or fav or promote via sm. The only requirement though is clicking the like button.
Post one image link per day (24 hours).
Please do not discuss Religion or Politics here.
Do not post nudity, or violence.
If you miss a day, go back 24 hours when coming back.

The easiest way to stay caught up is to scroll down, open the big skip and like all the images first, then post yours. The next day use Control F (for search box) to enter your name and find your last post to continue where you left off.

Note, after you post your link, check to see if there are links above yours that were added between the time you finished liking and adding your link. Many times there are.

Ok Lets get Promoting!

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Joan Carroll

4 Months Ago

thank you Aimee!


Ella Kaye Dickey

4 Months Ago


went back to my last posting; 2 days ago; where have I been?


Norma Brandsberg

4 Months Ago


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Jane Loomis

1 Day Ago

Visiting Patricia


Debbie Oppermann

1 Day Ago

Hi Jane, In this thread we L everyone's post, you need to go back 24 hrs



1 Day Ago


Liked and favored all images above since my last post


Jane Loomis

22 Hours Ago


Thanks for the note above, Debbie. It helped me understand why I was confused upon seeing my text appear thirteen hours ago. I thought I was in the Pay It Forward thread and did 100 image clicks on Patricia in This thread. How silly of me! I need to pay closer attention to where I am! It's been over 24 hours and I can post now that I am properly oriented. :-l


Debbie Oppermann

13 Hours Ago

Hi Jane, some of us are in a number of discussions in groups and it does get confusing, I find I have to check at the top of the page sometimes to remember what I am doing in the discussion lol


Lisa Wooten

1 Hour Ago

Night Y'all


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