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Ellen Weist

7 Days Ago

Billboard Entries Over The 250 Mark

Congratulations to all that have earned the right at this time for the chance of a lifetime being seen on a Billboard. Please consider sharing your marketing techniques to help those that are ahh oh so close but not quite there.

At this time there are 13 images that have earned the right to continue on in the contest. I am surprised to see so many with in excess of 50 votes and while I commend their work and effort I have decided to not vote for images that have already qualified regardless of how awesome their work is and am using my remaining votes to help those talented artists that are within site of the finish line.

I am also helping to share those so close on my social media, perhaps others will do that as well to get the word out

Best of Luck to all and may all of your dreams come true


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Nikolyn McDonald

6 Days Ago

Worked super hard today, Ellen, and finally got two on the leader board. May not make it as I'm still well below 150 votes, but the surge (picked up about 40 votes on my top entry in just over 12 hours) was exhilarating.

No marketing secret here. I belong to a local Facebook group. I'm not really allowed to do much marketing there at all, but a little over two years ago I decided to try something. I have a lot of small print inventory left over from when I used to do local fairs as well as from prints I've had made to enter in contests. I no longer do the fairs, so the prints were sitting upstairs in boxes in my closet, taking up space and waiting to be thrown out when I die. I decided to try to get them into the hands of people who might enjoy them. So about every 10 days to two weeks I hold a give-away. I put up a picture and description of the print and anyone who wants it can sign up in comments. After 24 hours (or 100 sign-ups, whichever happens first), I use a random number generator to draw a winner. I have developed a huge following and have an excellent relationship with the group moderators because this is very soft sell and friendly and fun. I watch each post carefully and respond politely to everyone who signs up. In other words, it's a huge amount of work . . . but I enjoy it.

This time I had two identical prints. I asked for and received permission to offer one as usual and then to offer the second in another drawing on my own page. People were to come over and vote and comment - so they more than doubled their chances for the print if they liked it. Anyway, others who are not part of the group saw the post and voted, too . . . so that's how I got my surge.


Dora Hathazi Mendes

6 Days Ago

Hi Ellen, I akready told everything how I did it, in the OP of my thread, so I would rather not write the same again, but as you are asking those who did it, just didn't want to let you without answer.


I think at least 3 person with the 250+ votes won't say anything.

Since then I keep it low, I just try to maintain my votes because yet I lose some, so this way still slowly growing, 1 or two per day. My pinned post on FB is still about the Billboards, I have yet the 3 links at my Instagram with Linktree. And I set my mom to try to convince yet her friends.

And yesterday I make a blogpost on Worldpress and I tweet it, pinned it.

I think if somebody doesn't have enough followers, the most effective way is to ask your friends and family on FB in private messages.
Dont start a group message, lot of people hate that, and they will leave straight.

Or if you meet the same people every day, you can ask them, almost everybody has smart phone nowadays, and FB. They can vote right then and there witth you.

Some artist say here is like vote begging. I think is not correct, you can think is a way to tell your close community what you do as hobby or for living.
Depend how much you want to get in.

Best luck!


Ellen Weist

6 Days Ago

Well done and thank you for sharing



Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

We have no way of knowing what the expectations were as far as how many would make it to the next level but I would think they were hoping of at least several dozen images to chose from. Seems to me that there is not going to be a very large pool to select from but who knows what kind of mad rush for votes we may see yet.

All I know is I just hope that I am not driving down the street and look up to see an image with a set of boobs ten times larger than life with Pixels logo next to it hanging off the side of a building!!

On the other hand, it would be a great attention getter!!


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