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Peggy Wilson

7 Days Ago

Activity Stream

On my activity stream I have clicked "All" in filters but I only get several people's posts that I may have liked or commented on in the past.....makes for very little variety. Any help?

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Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

You see the people YOU are following. You are not following many people.


VIVA Anderson

7 Days Ago

Also, on your Profile home page, Follow ...yourself!


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

gotta follow more people. you can follow me if you want, but i don't follow back. i like to keep the activity clean as possible.

----Mike Savad


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

Keep in mind that the more people you follow, the more links you are giving people to exit your gallery and go elsewhere.

There are people here that do not follow very many people at all for that reason.

I am one of them. I only follow people I have a personal relationship with or other sites I own.


Keep in mind also that the more people that you follow, the more will follow you. And the more that follow you, the more exposure you get internally here at FAA.

There are some that would convince you that your peers are somehow your enemies and trying to steal your prospects. But your peers can also be your biggest fans and lead you to some pretty good pastures. They can be your greatest Social Media friends!

There's a balance to the whole thing. Being an island might work for some. But it doesn't mean that it works for all.

And guess what... artists do buy other artists art too. Don't let anyone fool you into believing that they don't.


Hi Peggy,

my English is bad but I hope you may understand:

Move your mouse on "Community" on the top of the page. Don't click! A new menue is visible. There are three columns, on the right side it shows "Activity".
There you can choose some options of the activity of all members.

@ Floyd:

I think I may understand the words you use, but I don't know what you mean.
" ... the more links you are giving people to exit your gallery and go elsewhere." ???

Kind regards


Mike Savad

6 Days Ago

it means that if someone is just browsing your site, and they see who your following, they may be interested in clicking on a name. they are then transported to their store, and they aren't in yours any more. and they may not remember they were ever in your store. i only follow my mother, but i don't think she gets traffic from that.

----Mike Savad


Jessica Jenney

6 Days Ago

But you can't prevent people from following you and a visitor can see who is following you and leave your page also.


Ah, thank you Mike!
Now I got it.


Bingo Jessica!

It works both ways. And the fact is, most folks will go to the Images tab on your home page before they even make it to the Following page.

Those who think of not following others is some kind of "loss prevention" might be just a bit paranoid. The fact is, the customer is not that into what we're doing unless we are celebrity.

Not too many of those around here.


David Bridburg

6 Days Ago

The point is a waste of game theory tactics.....just my opinion.

I do not send anyone to FAA. People tripping through FAA/Pixels, if they really want something will buy it.

Jessica is correct about not being able to stop followers. So it is almost an entirely moot point.

On the FAA profile we will never know one way or the other at all. It is just a slim guess that sales would be effected at all.

Dave Bridburg


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