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John Haldane

7 Days Ago

Faa/pixels Is About Top Become My Only Sales Outlet

I have had my art in galleries and have sold at art fairs for several years but for the past 2 years my back has been getting progressively worse. I can no longer set up tents and lug my art around. I am 67 years old and that isn't ancient or anything but time is having its effects.

My hearing is so bad that even with the awesome hearing aids I have, I cannot work in the gallery any more. Too many people mumble, talk with their back to me, or otherwise make it impossible to understand them. It has been frustrating and stresses me - and stress contributes to back and other issues. I have LOVED working in the gallery selling my art and the fabulous art of others. The benefits were enough that I could afford space in the gallery if I worked one day a week. My sales, however, are just not strong enough to support the costs of the gallery without working, so I will be removing my art Aug 18 (before the long trip up to see my dying sister in Vermont (lung cancer).

This isn't to moan and complain, though. I have to again speak highly of the opportunities FAA/Pixels affords us for just $30 a year. It is truly wonderful and the people here, artists and moderators, are wonderful. I doubt I will ever leave this space. My life is still one filled with many blessings and I count some of you here among them.

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MM Anderson

7 Days Ago

I'm sorry to hear about your sister's illness. My parents both died of lung cancer so I know how horrible it is. I hope that your stress and your back will feel better with your retirement from gallery showing.


Chance Kafka

7 Days Ago

Agreed. I am impressed one man was able to build this entire empire of POD. It is by FAR the best out of all the sites I've reviewed. I plan to be on here the rest of my life, and I truly hope FAA outlives me.

And very sorry to hear about your sister.


David Bridburg

7 Days Ago


I hope your sister is comfortable and at peace.



John Haldane

7 Days Ago

Thanks Dave. She is working her way through the stages. Kind of in the angry stage right now. She's only 61. I will spend a few days with her, likely for the last time. We are trying to get as much of family and friends we can to come for Labor Day weekend. She doesn't want a funeral but a family send off. I think after that we will see acceptance. I appreciate your kind thoughts.


Corinne Carroll

7 Days Ago

Best of luck as you work through these changes in your life.
And here's to your success on FAA / Pixels. Enjoy the visit with your sister.


Phyllis Beiser

7 Days Ago

John, I am so sorry about your sister and your health issues. Time to slow down and take care of yourself. Perhaps a little extra marketing from your FAA would be nice and would keep you busy and focused.


Lindley Johnson

7 Days Ago

You're experiencing some challenging times, for sure, John. I wish you luck in dealing with these challenges. Take care of yourself and enjoy the visit with your sister. I'm sure your gallery experiences have been positive in many ways, but, looking at the positive, now you'll have more time to devote to FAA and marketing - who knows what might happen!


Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

Best wishes John. The time with your sister will be so important


Gaby Ethington

7 Days Ago

Sending good wishes, thoughts and prayers for you and your sister.


Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

Another reminder of what a wonderful community FAA is to us all! My best wishes to you and your sister. We are here for you. :)


Sending prayers for your sister John, and for your whole family as you deal with her illness and ultimate loss. Neither Dave nor I have had to live through the loss of a sibling, yet, but we can only imagine what you all are feeling now and will feel in the future.
We wholeheartedly agree with you John about the Fine Art/Pixels site, how wonderful it is for presenting our work and selling our art. It is a beautiful site, well run, and has been an incredible blessing to us personally. We do not belong to any other POD site and also no longer do outdoor art fairs. We do participate in art shows in several galleries and organizations and belong to our Murphy, NC art guild and gallery where we are showcasing our art.
Saying prayers also for you John, for your pain and distress from your back issues and for your hearing loss. You must feel very frustrated and we hope that you can find a peace that only the Lord can give. Take care of yourself and your sis and make some memories! The good times as a family together will always make you smile through the tears.
Celebrating life, Debra (and Dave)


Val Arie

7 Days Ago

John, I am sad to read of your sister. I am so sorry. Sending you a prayer for continued blessings.


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

Sorry about your sister. And sorry about losing your gallery space. that is something that impressed me about you and I was hopeing to visit someday. I hope new good things await you.


Elias Pentikis

6 Days Ago

This is so sad! My father used to have lung cancer but we caught it early before it spreads. Now on his 8th year after the tumor removal operation and so far he is clean. His roommate and friend who had his surgery done after my father's surgery died a year after it. The younger you are the more difficult it is, as cancer spreads quicker. My father at that time was 70 years old. The few days I spent in the hospital, I still remember the enormous pain that some patients had to go through. Especially those who had bone cancer or tumors inside their bellies. To my eyes, nurses and doctors who work in specialized hospitals like the one where my father got operated, are heroes. Real heroes! I still remember the name of the doctor who did the surgery. Dr. Barbetakis. A young doctor who has the hospital as his second home. He was every day at the hospital from dawn until late at night. Maybe the hospital for Dr. Barbetakis was and still is a place more important than home. A talented man and a godsend hero! Always to the side of his patients. I remember those days and my eyes fill with tears. A couple of years ago the team of Dr. Barbetakis got the first award in the USA, in a tumor removal contest between teams around the world, for the method that they apply. They have also been recognized for their method as the best team for treating lung cancer patients in Europe! So blessed to have them around! And the hospital they work in Greece, as I said, all the personnel are heroes! So humble and always willing to help you and do their best to support you.

After the surgery of my father, just after 7 months, my beloved uncle died of cancer. He had it in his belly. Fought it for more than 3 years, but it was inevitable. One of the worst years we've been through as a family. At that time and after the death of my uncle I started to do photography. I couldn't stand the pressure and the pain and devoted myself to something that would drive me into nature. What a great relief is to be able to create something. To be a painter, a photographer, an artist!

John, I really wish and pray for your sister to pass away with as little pain as possible. And maybe is hard to say the words, but as quick as possible. If there is absolutely no chance of survival then the quicker the better! So try to spend some significant and valuable time with her. If you could also find a Reiki practitioner, that would be of great help to your sister to stand the pain and the consequences of chemotherapy. My father, luckily he didn't go through chemo, but as I am a Reiki practitioner-teacher (at that time Reiki was something new to me and I had just started practicing it), I know by first hand how much of a help it was to treat him with Reiki to get over the pain of the surgery. I have also attuned him to it. There are volunteer teams in the US, to many cities who can help. I don't know if there is one in Vermont though. But really they do a fantastic job and really comfort patients who are in the terminal stage.


Elisabeth Lucas

5 Days Ago

So sorry that you have to deal with so much!


Jon Glaser

5 Days Ago

I too made FAA my only sales outlet a few years ago. Less stress and no real upfront costs. I lost my sister 367 days ago and it’s still hard. But This place is awesome with nice people that understand loss.


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