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Tierney Wilson

7 Days Ago

Walt Disney Picture


I would like to purchase another picture exactly like this. I'm unable to find any information on it. Could anyone send me the link or any information on it? I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!

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MM Anderson

6 Days Ago

That looks like it was probably done by an artist for a guest at Walt Disney World's Port Orleans Riverside or maybe French Quarter Resort. I can't quite read it. Many places like that have artists who do a quick portrait while you sit. I doubt you'll find an exact copy of it anywhere.


Exactly as MM states. I had the very same thought.

It was a personal thing done for a specific person.


Mike Savad

6 Days Ago

that looks like a Caricature someone would make as a sidewalk artist.

artist wise, i'd contact the disneyworld you found it from and ask if they recognize the artist. they would be able to pin it down better than we can. pretty sure they would need a permit to work there.

if you own the piece you could just copy it and have it printed again. its not really the best way, but the chances of finding the artist might be low.

----Mike Savad


David Bridburg

6 Days Ago

Not sure Disney World issues permits.

Probably hired the artist.

Dave Bridburg


Edward Fielding

6 Days Ago

Walk up to any Caricature artist on a boardwalk, at a fair, on the street, show them the picture and ask them to make something similar.


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

What you are asking for could be a violation of the artist's and maybe even Disney copyrights. You can not just make a copy of that piece without the permission of the artist. And Disney being Disney, they may also some rights to it, especially if their name is anywhere on it.

Of course, you could proceed with the philosophy it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission and just make a copy of it. But if you are going to do that, I would certainly not be broadcasting it all over the Internet. And I am not suggesting you do that.


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