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Frank J Casella

6 Days Ago

Groups - More Or Less?

This thread is NOT about if groups work or not ... so if you want to talk about that, this thread is NOT for you.

It's been a while since I posted a thread about groups. So here is something I've been seeing talked about in the group threads:

Are you finding more success with submitting your images to many groups, or by being selective with less groups that keep your images moving and / or have an active administrator?

Now before you say it is hard to tell if groups are selling your works, keep it simple to if you have images selling are those also in groups. And keep to the questions of more or less groups.

Photo 'Dog Walking City of Chicago' by Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved


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Mike Savad

6 Days Ago

there is no way to quantify that. whether someone finds you on a group is unknown, no data. all of my work is in a group of some kind period. its not hard to tell, its impossible to tell.

from what i understand you place better in the search for featured work, and more people internally at least will see your work and may tweet etc it, and i think more activity is good for you also. but to know if i got a sale because i'm in a group, impossible. especially when i don't even know if i was accepted or not. or if i advertised it once, or it was a contest etc. there is no way to know. groups are just something you can do if you want, they won't hurt you in the long run, it just takes time to click them all.

----Mike Savad


Michael Hoard

6 Days Ago

Greetings Frank, I am a more, very good discussion from my observation a member of Fine Art America or Pixels, does not even have to belong to any groups at all. If the keywords and title compliment one another more than likely the image will be found and generally on page one. Just as recent upload, featured, most sales, and so forth. I generally find those recently uploaded tab or recently sold and take notice the individual does not belong to any groups. I belong to countless groups, do I participate equally in all of them no. Members may ask why? A excellent example would be I visited California I joined the group submitted my images while visiting in hopes of my work seen. Surely, the group member could remove me due to inactivity. .

Yet one or more images may have a visual impact the piece of art or photography is voted, liked or favored. I do have a pet pea of sorts, take for instance a Fine Art America member visits New Orleans, they return to their home town create a group New Orleans, LA I submit images and I am a life long resident of New Orleans I join the group submit images and no features how insulting and tasteless is that. Thank goodness I use the appropriate keywords and my images appear among the top among other New Orleans images point being I do not need the administrator's assistance to be found. Is it tit for taf or taf for tit, lol, lol, lol.

As an administrator I appreciate the fact individuals join my two groups nor would I remove them from the group because of no member participation. I would have to think if a buyer or gallery owner does not find a particular image they would next perhaps look at the images of the group or randomly look at the members in the group to check on their gallery. I have made it a practice to inform both the new members and existing members and in the event some discussion are idle I will personally make an administrator note in that discussion it will then bring it to the top of the the group various discussions offered and account for a recent activity. Personally I applaud all group administrators ad the work they do to accommodate their group members. In one of my group I have locals who are very renown by both Fine Art America and world wide recognition and when someone may visit the group most if not all there popular images sold or L, Fav are there to view and purchase without hesitation because of their superior artistry.....

The purpose of an individual group member creating a group with intentions accepting the responsibility which is associated with any group. The administrator acts on the members behalf to assist its members and promote their art and photography. I may have created the group, created the criteria in the long haul of things its the group member who have equity in the group.


Stefano Senise

6 Days Ago

Usually I tend to choose all the major groups related to the work produced ... lately I limit myself to those groups that are more active (also on social media) ... so for me to be selective is better. :P


Frank J Casella

5 Days Ago

Mike, Michael, Stefano -- Thanks for your feedback.

Stefano I'm with you ….. still working on it. But some people, like Mike, believe the wider you post your images the more they are seen … I'm not there yet.


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