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Abbie on holiday Shores

1 Year Ago

Help And Links - Faq



(I am still adding to these)

Transparency in Discussions written by FAA/Pixels owner and developer


COLLECTIONS - How to Start A New Collection
COPYRIGHT - Can I Upload Celebrities, Buildings, People, Copies, Etc?
COPYRIGHT - How To Add-remove Watermarks

DESIGNER PRINTS - Interior Designer Programme
DISCOUNTS - Do I Get A Discount When I Buy My Own Images

ETSY - Working With Us And Etsy

GROUPS - Starting a group? Read the guidelines first

IMAGES - Sizes and Dimensions

KEYWORDS - Keyword generators

MARKETING - I Want To Be Found But Do Not Want To Do Anything To Help Link takes you off the site to my own
MARKETING - Marketing How To - Includes Keyword Help

NAMES - Can I Change My Name Or Use As Pseudonym

PAYMENTS - What Is My Balance Area?
PAYMENTS -Payment Information - How To Add Paypal
PREMIUM SLIDES - How To Adjust Images To Fit On The Premium Site Slides.

QUALITY - Photographing Originals

SEARCH - Why Am I Not In The Search?
SEARCH - KEYWORDS - IPTC and why it is important to use it before upload
SHARING - Shareable link to a customized framed print?

SPAM + PHISHING - how to recognise spam and phishing emails and comments

TRANSPARENT - How Do I Have A Transparent Image On A Tshirt Or Other Product

UPLOADING - How Do I Start Loading Images? - Information

NOTE to MICHEL - I tested the links for a while and they do seem to work here so many thanks for the reminder

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Jill Love

9 Months Ago

Thanks, Abbie. So funny, as I just had one of these questions answered immediately by looking at this!!! I appreciate it.


Jennifer Kline Sontz

9 Months Ago

Thank you for this information!


Angela Whitehouse

9 Months Ago

Great links to read.


Stanton Allaben

9 Months Ago

Isn't Pixels and Fine Art America one and the same? When I joined many years ago it was with FAA, and then my page got transferred to Pixels. Do I also have a FAA page and do new uploads I put in one show up in the other?


Choose the site you want to use and use that. The other will show automatically.

Just household... Fine Art America
Selling everything? Pixels


Lisa Kaiser

9 Months Ago

Thank you so much for the helpful information, love it.


Alice Love

9 Months Ago

Great idea to get all these links in one! Thanks. Easy to navigate.


Alida M Haslett

9 Months Ago



Matthew Seufer

9 Months Ago

Thank You for Posting!


Gabby Tary

9 Months Ago

Hi Abbey-
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Gabby Tary.
And actually I'm tickled pink about FAA. First of all I'm honored my name does show up when searching, lol.
I've been a part of FAA for some time, but only recently did I discover the value.
Must admit when you changed the homepage I went crazy happy, I started to investigate further.

However, the reason I'm communicating with you is to ask a few questions about the website I'm building within FAA.
In fact, and I know this is a big favor to ask, if you could look at it.
I want to make sure technically I'm not screwing up the payment part.

Or a link to do's and don't when building a website within FAA.

- The artist on FAA are incredible ,so at first I'm like OMG how can I call myself an artist, but then I
discovered that the products are absolutely great looking with some of my work.

So the problem I have, even when I don't price the product it still shows up and some art isn't meant to be on products..

But then I discovered that I can do a whole lot in that little box with HTML, since I can code
that's great. So I chose the images and then linked it directly to the page where they can buy it.
So I figured that out but I can't figure out how to filter those products out when I click on links that is in FAA .

So is there anyway besides not adding the price to product I can filter out those products which don't look good with the art?

And yes, I agree with you on the article about selling, that's my next step once my website is finished.
And what people don't realize, promotion is hell. And promotion is a full time job.
I've done nothing yet, because I want the website to look good.
Thank you I'm sorry about the long post


Dan Carmichael

9 Months Ago


Please consider adding the rules for Group admins to the list.

Also, are there rules for contest creators? Can we limit the emails from contests also?
(I don;t think "voting in two days" and "voting begins today" and "one day left in voting" and "Only 15 hours left in voting" and on, and on are necessary nor productive)

Thanks for your consideration.


I'll be in shortly to follow up



If you choose not to sell something, leave the space for markup totally blank. Not even a space.

You cannot choose between canvas, metal, acrylic, framed or paper prints etc. Only the products or all the prints

Search pages (such as particular product searches) take 24 hours after the prices added to be shown

Use DEFAULT SETTINGS to change pricing for future images
Use BULK IMAGE EDIT for existing images or
EDIT IMAGE for singles

It takes a couple of days for the other pages to catch up with changes


Yes I will add a link to the group guidelines and have a chat with Sean about the contests emails although there are already spamming rules in place that may work.


Lieve Snellings

9 Months Ago

Thank you for this information L Cecka!
As I am new here, this is very helpful!


Mario Carini

8 Months Ago

I've been a member of FAA for years, but I still don't know all the site provides!


Muse Meadow

8 Months Ago

Thank you so much for these links! I've had a neglected account here for a long time but have just recently been freed up to start working on my art full time. Whee! This info will be so helpful in learning what's available and how to use it.


Terri Fair

8 Months Ago

I am new! How do I like and comment on art? How do other artists follow me?


Scarlett Redbud

8 Months Ago

I ordered one of my own prints just so that I could see the quality (which is nice), however I did not log into my retail account. Will I still get my commission on the print?


Scarlett, if not on the account that uploaded the art, you paid our price, plus yours. So you'll get your royalties

If logged into the artists account that uploaded the work, you don't get paid the royalties and purchased at a lower price


Petri Keckman

8 Months Ago

How do I add a profile image? (Sorry, I find the answer already :) )


Barbara Zipperer

8 Months Ago

How and where is the ability to send a newsletter? And how do it find my list of people who have signed up?


Petri Keckman

7 Months Ago

So, this is the Main Discussion Page. So are there others?

Could I start my discussions somewhere else than here, MAIN discussion area.



email campaigns are for premium members. You also need to be ok'ayed for these so if you are a premium member just let me know and I will pass this to our developer

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If the image link doesn't work it means the image has been deleted



I do not know what you are asking as we are not Zenfolio


Linaji, that is HTML use my cheat sheet



Gustavo Novaes

1 Month Ago

Great links to read.


Jade Moon

1 Month Ago

I hope you can help me with this or point me to the people who can. I just had to change my password again. This happens quite often, the login refuses my password and I have to create a new one. Sometimes it won't even accept my email in order to GET a new password. Is there some way to fix this?


Jade Moon


David Dehner

1 Month Ago

Hi Jade,

I cannot assist with your password - Abbie should be along to help you with that.

Just in case - do not forget each time you log in - log in as an ARTIST and not a gallery or collector.

That sometimes happens and will fail to log you in -

If this is not the problem - you can always go to the bottom of any page and click Contact Us - send your issue to Technical Support


Elena Karot

1 Month Ago

Thanks for the clarifications! Now I am in great company!


Jade Moon

29 Days Ago

David Dehner, thank you. I have done that (contact us) several times and haven't received any answers, except for a form email saying someone will contact me, which still hasn't happened and it's been over a week. And I also am very careful to log in as Artist. Do you think it might have something to do with having separate log-ins for pixels and FAA?
It happened again just a few minutes ago. I'm logged in here but couldn't get into my Pixels account.
Mahalo for responding.

PS-- I just tried the "Contact Us" email again and will hope for a reply.


David Dehner

29 Days Ago

Hi Jade,

I think you found the answer to your own question..

Your log-in is the same for FAA and Pixels. If it is the same account it cannot have two different log-ins.

When you change it on FAA - the next time you try to log-in to Pixels it will fail because you changed it on FAA

Same site - Same log-in.. Pixels and FAA is the same site - they need the same log-in.


Jade Moon

29 Days Ago

Dave Dehner--- OHHH.
Okay, I'll try it.
Thank you!

Edit: Okay, it worked. Mahalo again!


Ann Nugaeva

29 Days Ago

Thanks for the discussion!


Tiffany Pacheco

27 Days Ago

Thank you so much I'm new here so I'm still winging it


Isabella Chinn

26 Days Ago

Thank you this information is super helpful!


Jennifer Carrico

26 Days Ago

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm new. Does anyone know how to tell if they sold anything? I can't for the life of me find a link for it on this website.


David Dehner

25 Days Ago

Hi Jennifer,

While signed into your account

Hover over the blue line below your name (Upper right hand corner)

On the drop-down menu click on (Behind The Scenes)

Scroll down to Sales


Julieanne Case

24 Days Ago

If you decide to change the name of a photo or art work, how does that affect the search for your piece? Will this affect anything permanently or will the search engines eventually find the newly named piece. Thank you.


Sonia Kumari

24 Days Ago

Thank you for the information.


Zakaria Didi

19 Days Ago

Thank you


If we purchase something, does that come off our total balance (if we have had sales)?

Thanks for all you do.

Catherine Ludwig Donleycott


David Dehner

17 Days Ago

Hi Catherine,

Your sales and your purchases are separate.

FAA will not take money owed you from sales to cover your purchases.


Jessica Jalali

9 Days Ago

Hi, I can't figure out how to put an image in a discussion board. How do I do this?


Jessica Jalali

9 Days Ago

Thank you so much!


Robin Daughrity

8 Days Ago

Thank goodness I found this! Thank you!


Ingrid Fornazari

7 Days Ago

thank you


Michael Chacon

3 Days Ago

This is Awesome


Sheena A D

3 Days Ago

Good Information to all.


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