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Abbie Shores

3 Months Ago

How To Add-remove Watermarks - Explanation

Watermarks are put on at upload, so you have to actually reload the image to add, or remove.

Changes can take up to half an hour to appear on the profile page and 24 hours for changes to show on search pages.

If you have Collections with logos, you will have to edit the collection and refresh the logo

Do not forget to change your DEFAULT SETTINGS

Watermarks deter buyers.


Go to the Images page and see edit under the thumbnail or open the image and see Edit on that page

delete that one and load a new copy
Tick or Untick watermarks

You may then need to clear your cache. Log off and then clear your browser history. If you add "?nocache=true" to the end of any URL, (without the "'s)it should kill the cache and force the page to update with the latest information from our database.

Search pages take 24+ hours to show the changes

If you have over 50 images I can do it for you. Contact me by clicking on my headshot to the left and seeing CONTACT

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Stefan Duncan

2 Months Ago

Hello, Abbie. I lost the original photo of a painting that I had uploaded onto FineArtAmerica. How can I remove the watermark logo off my painting. https://images.fineartamerica.com/images/artworkimages/mediumlarge/1/lady-in-the-tree-stefan-duncan.jpg


Kathy Bassett

3 Days Ago

Hi Abbie,
Looked at the helpful links, ended up here, looking for how to get rid of the enlarger square ? from showing up on my photos/art. I removed the checkmark in default settings for this, and it hasn't gone away. Thanks


Jessica Jenney

3 Days Ago

Kathy default setting are only for future uploads. You have remove the full resolution preview in the Bulk image editor


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