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Yuri Tomashevi

11 Days Ago

Ai-da - A First Robot Artist - Is It A Competition?

Have you met Ai-Da? She is the first robot artist - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2019/06/02/meet-ai-da-robot-artist-giving-real-painters-run-money/

Her art works were already sold for more than $1 mln. In June there was her personal exhibition in London.

Do you consider Ai-Da and other incoming AI robot artists as a competition?

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Floyd Snyder

11 Days Ago

No, of course not.

The San Francisco Zoo has animals that paint and they sell their artwork. Robot, elephant or chimpanzee... all out of the same category IMHO. A gimmick to separate people from their money. At least in the case of the zoo, the money is well spent on the animals.


Tame Anderson

11 Days Ago

Tame like Yuris robot artist. Japan are many robots. Japanese like robots look like people.


Dora Hathazi Mendes

11 Days Ago

not for me :)



11 Days Ago

Drawing and writing automatons have been around for centuries.

Think of the many Mars rovers. They are robots that have been taking beautiful pictures and making films in many cases autonomously for decades. I guest they are AI photographers.


Tame Anderson

10 Days Ago

Robots do many things people do. People make robots [smile]


Edward Fielding

10 Days Ago

No more than Chinese art factories or even the 10,000 new daily retirees looking for a hobby.


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