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Luther Fine Art

2 Months Ago

Comments, Likes And Favs #1

Welcome to this discussion !

<2>Please read and follow the rules :

- POST A LINK of an image you would like to promote, and then COMMENT, LIKE AND FAVORITE 6 IMAGES above you

. Comments, likes and fav are all mandatory. If you already commented on an image, please comment again.

You may post every 8 hours -- 3 times in a 24 hour period

Post your Fine Art America link *ONLY* (URL starts with "fineartamerica.com

Thank you !

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Patty Donoghue

2 Months Ago



This piece should be made into cards to send to all of your women friends reminding them to schedule their mammogram. October is breast Cancer awareness month and early prevention has saved so many lives. The 3d imaging now available even on the mobile units is so much more accurate and most insurances cover this advanced technology. Be kind to yourself and to your friends. Run to that Mammogram! Love you ladies.


Lisa Wooten

2 Months Ago

Have a blessed day

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Marcy Wielfaert

15 Hours Ago



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