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Tony Baca

9 Days Ago

Same Artwork Two Different Accounts

I found this this morning while looking at The New Artist for today. Here is the same artwork but two different people.

Removed by staff

How do you know who the artist is or is it someone else's work.

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Becky Titus

9 Days Ago

It's definitely someone else's work :-)



Looks like another imposter seeking to profit from the work of others by masking who they are. Obvious that both accounts are the same person.

Not doing a very good job either. Still... free accounts like this do take up space from paying accounts.

But I guess this might be taken as naming and shaming.


Tom Schwabel

9 Days Ago

Contact the actual owner and let them know so they can send some takedowns.


Abbie Shores

9 Days Ago

Name and shame is against the discussions rules which people are meant to read before participation

Contact dmca@stites.com with a takedown notice if you are the original creator

And read our discussion rules https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=260080


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