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JW Ibanez

5 Days Ago


One question, you know in the description of my item I always put at least 10 Tags, but only a few appear in the publication, I follow the instructions on the publication page but the same thing happens, if someone knows how to put all the Tags you want I would appreciate it if you told me, thank you.

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Western Exposure

5 Days Ago

All the tags you enter are there, they are just not visible (but searchable) to give the site a less cluttered look.


Mike Savad

5 Days Ago

if you add things like -- duck photo, quack photo, feather photo - anything with that extension if you added it or any other filter will make that phrase hidden. also if its spelled wrong. it shows 20 word i think. but... all the words are still there, and in reality those words lead people out of your store anyway.

Art Prints
this has a crop mark in the corner by your name, that should be fixed.

"fine art , original painting , woman, new , face of model, art modern , contemporary ., , "> for the second one

fine art, painting and i think a few others would be a filter so they are hidden.

woman new art modern this is what shows on the page.

----Mike Savad


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