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Adam Jewell

5 Days Ago

You Are Probably Losing Sales Leads...

...if you are not getting sales notifications and other emails from FAA. Up until yesterday, the last time I got any sort of email from FAA was when there was that batch of sales notifications sent out to sort of “catch up” on an apparent backlog.

The other day I put something in the shopping cart and that started the “you’ve got something in your shopping cart emails” from FAA that are coming through so EarthLink doesn’t have a block on the FAA domain anyway.

So started wondering, if someone sends a message from your profile to your email, does that go through? I tried it and it looks like the answer is likely no, if you are not getting sales notifications and those codes from the contest and whatever else you are supposed to get.

This really blows and probably explains why I’ve gotten a total of zero contacts from all the business cards I’ve passed out while traveling, one other inquiry and not even any phishing emails through there lately.

They don’t arrive in the spam filter, they just don’t come at all.

So if FAA can’t do anything about this, might want to invest some time and try to fix it on your end or you may be losing sales leads.

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Tom Schwabel

5 Days Ago

Interesting, makes me wonder if that's why I haven't seen a weekly update email from FAA in several weeks? Are those still coming out?


Toby McGuire

5 Days Ago

I've personally had no issues with getting emails from FAA. I've gotten every single email for my last 70 or so sales dating back a few months since they fixed their mail server. I also get the weekly updates and customer inquiries.


Mike Savad

5 Days Ago

it doesn't go through. in the past i remember seeing contactsuccessful.html a few times but the box was empty. comcast ate it. switching to google i get about 98% of them.

but the real troubling thing is, nothing has been done, the mail from this site should be coming from some other version of the site that isn't connected to us. customers that write in - will get ignored, from their point of view. even if they got a flood of mail back. yet this hasn't been fixed here. the answer always is - they spam us, change the email, but customers won't do that.

for a while i switched my mail to a place i pay for, and they too started to destroy mail and the customer support said it had to be there, and we don't know how to change it. so now i have gmail, which doesn't look that professional.

----Mike Savad


Bradford Martin

5 Days Ago

I know when I had an AOL account as my contact I didn't get any weekly notifications. I had a second site here for a while with a Gmail account and I did gt notifications. I generally got my sales notifications but not always. I don't use AOL with FAA anymore.

It is hard to know what you don't get. I didn't even know there were weekly notifications from FAA for years. I don't know why on AOL I would get some stuff and not others. I did get some emails from visitors. This seems to be an issue between AOL and FAA. THey even say as much. It doesn't go to spam they just block them. Why FAA can't fix it I don't know. It's not like I have a problem with other mail. It seems to me if there is an issue between FAA and AOL then FAA needs to find out why. But I doubt we will ever know the story or reason. Anyway there doesn't seem to be a problem with Gmail that I know of.


I haven't gotten sales notification for months. I check behind the scenes daily for them. One potential customer sent email via FAA, I didn't see it for months. I do get email from my other links do I know t isn't a chrome issue. So check behind the scenes daily!


Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago


Sales notification, contact emails, all go through different servers

It's the server that's blocked and earthlink is another that blocks us incessantly


Dora Hathazi Mendes

5 Days Ago

For me nothing problem at all, I get them all

yahoo mail


Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago

I get them all too (my own domain with no boxtrapper or spam assassin)


Elias Pentikis

4 Days Ago

I created a Gmail account and use it for FAA. No problem at all for me either!


For what it's worth when I got active on this site, I got a few emails and then for some reason they abruptly stopped. I've had a few sales and I've not seen one notification. Behind the scenes, there is a monthly newsletter and a weekly update option which I've selected to Yes and Sunday, but I don't think I've seen these?

Recently, I went into the settings of my email provider (mail.com) and whitelisted - at - fineartamerica.com. I guess I'll have to wait and see if that makes a difference?


Andrew Pacheco

4 Days Ago

I don't seem to have any problems with my gmail. Once in a while I find one of the FAA marketing, or the artist spotlight type emails in the spam folder.

I have gotten all my sales notifications, and to my knowledge I always get notified when someone sends a message from my profile too. Unfortunately, most those messages from my profile are total junk and not sales leads.


Floyd Snyder

4 Days Ago

I keep seeing the "discussions" about emails not coming through but I have never had a problem with it.

I have five or six FAA accounts. All have a different email address including Gmail, Comcast, and Yahoo. All of them are forwarded to my main Yahoo Business mail account and to my knowledge I get everything.

I know I get all the sales notices from all the accounts. I also get all of the updates from all of the accounts and I get all of the advertisements targeted to all of the accounts.

I am not saying that because I am getting all the emails that there is no problem or that other people are not having some sort of problem. It just seems strange to me.

What really seems strange to me is that FAA does not use or have a special "messageing" or "email" that runs within the platform and take all of the other email servers out of the equation.

Several of the other selling platforms that I sell on have their internal email programs.


Adam Jewell

4 Days Ago

@Abbie - At least at the customer interface level, EarthLink filters/blocks emails at the email address level or at the domain level. I checked to see if any FAA email is blocked or if the domain is blocked and they are not. Since that is not the problem, when I contact EarthLink what specifically do I ask them not to block or whitelist?


Abbie Shores

4 Days Ago

We ARE blocked by earthlink. A couple of our servers are, including the password one


Rick Berk

4 Days Ago

Haven't had any issues receiving FAA emails, besides not getting enough of the ones that say "New Order!"


Adam Jewell

8 Hours Ago

Is it possible to get the bounce or error codes that come back to FAA when the messages get blocked if there are any? EarthLink support asked for those when trying to troubleshoot.


Abbie Shores

3 Hours Ago

I don't get those.... But no earthlink members are getting our emails from certain servers


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