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Tina Marie Gill

5 Days Ago

Collection Of Work

If I have a collection of work How do I post it under collection? Does anyone know I would appreciate it

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Rudi Prott

5 Days Ago

It is a bit confusing, but there are two kinds of collections. The one on the upper task menu is FAA's choice. You can not do anything to be there.

The lower menu bar above Your images shows also 'collections' (also named galleries in other places). Here You can group Your images. Click on 'Collections' and then 'Create new Collection*, Then You can fill the collectiom from Your *images not in collection'.

edit: You need a avatar to be found in the search ! (top right: Behind the Scenes - Public Profile - Profile Picture)


Jessica Jenney

4 Days Ago

You have to create collections and name them, then put those images in the collections. If you click on the collections tab to the right of the images tab you will see above it says:Create new Collection. Click on that and then create your new collection and put your images there.

But at this point you only have 15 images so there is no need to create collections until you are going to upload a lot more. If you have a free account then you are limited to only 25 images. There is no need to create collections for that amount of images.


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