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4 Days Ago

Prints Sold For Other Than The Default Price

Sold a 12x8.75 print with i have listed at $32.25, FAA sold it for 21.86. i made 1$.86

Sold a wood print.. i have it listed as 57.00 and FAA sold it for $20.29. I made .29 cents.

What can I do about this?? please help . sarahleah

The prices i list are my default prices.

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Western Exposure

4 Days Ago

Go to https://pixels.com/controlpanel/interiordesignerprogram.html and choose "No". But then, you will loose out on those sales.


You need to take a bit more time and study all of your options in the "Behind The Scenes Menu" found on your Account. Then make some informed decisions regarding how you want to sell your work and the pricing structure. That way you do not get blindsided by something like this.

Good fortunes



Janine Riley

4 Days Ago

It was most likely under a " Designer Prints" sale.

As stated check " behind the scenes " ( under your name ) to see the different sales programs available.

Designer Print sales are by designers who buy art prints in bulk from FAA / Pixels and receive a sometimes generous discount .
They may have purchased one of your works included in that lot.

Your prices will need to be raised to keep this in consideration.
( They usually by large sized pieces. )

You could always uncheck that box and opt out - but as Western Exp stated - you will lose out on future Designer print sales.
So raise your prices and you'll be happy for those future sales.


Edward Fielding

4 Days Ago

At 29 cents I suspect it is NOT a designer prints. (The balance sheet will tell you for sure)

Most likely you have the profit margin for that size print on that particular image set at 29 cents. Check the profit margin or markup on that image.


EXPERT TIP: Your profit margins should be WAY higher than $1.86! My lowest is $4 for a single card.

You also need a mugshot.


Joseph C Hinson

4 Days Ago

I am guessing there are some pricing issues going on.. I can't believe that would be a Designer prints price. Can you share the links to what you sold? Putting the links from the announcement page will suffice


Tom Schwabel

4 Days Ago

The wood print alone should cost just about $30 in the smallest size with no markup. So I assume this to be a designer print sale. I'm curious what your markups are normally set to.

$0.29 for a print sale is something Getty does regularly, but I would expect a designer print sale to be at least somewhat better. If not, it will make me reconsider that checkbox.


Joseph C Hinson

4 Days Ago


Your most recent uploads are priced differently than your first uploads going by a quick glance at some of my work.


Rick Berk

4 Days Ago

Looking at your markups, they are nearly identical from the smallest size to the largest. That's going to present a problem if you participate in the Designer Prints program and get orders with a heavy discount. Your markups should increase as size does.


Edward Fielding

4 Days Ago

I doubt DP sales go below the minimum base price.


Mike Savad

4 Days Ago

first, raise your prices
second get an avatar so you can be seen in the search
third, this sounds like a designer print sale and you are still charging too little.

retail price is their and your mark up together. i think both the site and you take a hit when they discount it. but it could be a bug of some kind. or your prices are messed up for those images, double check them. did you offer a discount code to someone? maybe they used it and went to DP (it would day if it was a designer prints image).

----Mike Savad


Tom Schwabel

4 Days Ago

Edward, it seems DP sales DO go below the minimum price. I see no way to get a wood print in any size for under about $30 even with zero markup. Did I miss something?


Abbie Shores

4 Days Ago

Ruach sold for much more
You made 20.29

That's what you earned

Your ACCESSORY commission was .29

So, 20 + .29

Means you made $20.29 which is .29 more than you wanted


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