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Estelle Bowden

12 Days Ago

Hi (the Start Of A New Road)

Hey - cannot see an intro board, and from searching, it seems just start a thread so here I am.

I am rather tentatively dipping my toe in the water of more creative works. I am sort of a photographer (I take pictures and people pay for them much more often than I would expect) usually in a more documentary style. I have found occasionally I throw up an image that seems more art than documentary - and what with discovering new ways to play around with things on YouTube, I have decided to try offering photos manipulated into a more painting-like style.

I am totally new to the whole FAA thing - especially the community side of things and any pointers and invitations are welcome (I do have some health issues and may disappear for periods though - this is not me being rude). Also, I am fine with constructive criticism in my images - if people do not tell me what I am getting wrong I am not going to go and learn how to get it right.

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Mike Savad

12 Days Ago

is there a question in there? just upload and advertise for now. keep it organized in collections.

----Mike Savad


Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

Mike meant to say, hello and welcome. He has no manners... Ignore.


Rich Franco

11 Days Ago


Welcome! You came to the RIGHT place for answers! Now, just need some questions! People here are very good at information, on all levels! From art to marketing. Most of us that contribute here are in the "This is a business to us" bucket, and depend on one another to help out when asked or needed. Hell, I "help" all the time, even if not asked!!! LOL!

There is a TOn of good information all over the place, but to help you start, give us an idea what specifically you're looking for some direction with, from keywords, profits, marketing and setting up your sight. There are artists here making 4- 5 figures a month OR MORE and many just using this site to post images and show friends.

To sell stuff on a regular basis, much work will be required. Really depends WHY you're here....

Good Luck,



Don Northup

11 Days Ago

Welcome, Estelle. Best of luck to you!


ᗪOᑎ ᑎOᖇTᕼᑌᑭ


Bradford Martin

11 Days Ago

Just upload all your good work. Documentary is fine. Manipulated is fine. Put all your good stuff here. You are off to a good start. Now get hundreds more. Drop in the discussions from time to time and search them for tips and answers to questions.


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

11 Days Ago

Estelle, Welcome! I love the one picture you have up so far and became a follower so I can see your new works. I love to do photo manipulations too!

Sell Art Online


Estelle Bowden

11 Days Ago

Thank you for the welcomes. I will ask specific questions as they occur - right now I am very much wandering around with my mouth open trying to take everything in.

The mid to long term business plan is to create income streams that are not dependent on the work I have put in that day/week/month, but are instead of a more accumulative nature. I suffer from fibromyalgia and this has prevented me from taking "normal" employment for well over a decade. I have days/weeks when I can be productive and ones where I cannot.

Photography started as a hobby - which I found scratched multiple itches from the creative side of me to the technological/learning side. I have my own website where I sell photos of local football (soccer) teams in action. I contribute to multiple stock/microstock sites and am starting to get trickle sales there. I have joined here to hopefully develop in another different area of skills.

The theory is that I will have a small but steady increase to my portfolio so that over time I can develop a small income stream - which will be in addition to the others mentioned.


Jennifer White

11 Days Ago

Welcome Estelle. Keep uploading and make sure you promote your work outside of FAA. You'll want to share your FAA link and photo links to as many social media platforms your a part of. I've been doing a lot of photo manipulation (mixed media) especially this year. Keep spreading your wings and learning. Learning and growing is always a good thing.


Janine Riley

10 Days Ago

Well geez Louise I did not know this.

I just added the Shop button to my FB page.

LOl. SMH. Thank you !

Welcome aboard Estelle, and best wishes.


Floyd Snyder

10 Days Ago

Welcome aboard!

Love your images...

I also love this!

"I am sort of a photographer (I take pictures and people pay for them much more often than I would expect) usually in a more documentary style. "

For the purposes of selling, I would not worry too much about what is more documentary style and what is more artistic. It is obvious that you have already figured it out that people will buy what they want vs what we may want them to buy. And that is a good thing!

And you are most differently a photographer!


RD Erickson

10 Days Ago

Abbie is just the best of moderators - always cool, well, almost always. But welcome to the fun - although really it is work.



Andrew Pacheco

10 Days Ago

Welcome, Estelle! I wish you luck here.


Estelle Bowden

10 Days Ago

Thank you.

Floyd - The "sort of a photographer" comes from this not being in any way a planned job or career, it being very much part-time, and confidence issues. I love taking photos - and the work processing them etc. Taking photos puts a grin on my face and makes me feel good. However, I have never had any formal training, I learn bits on the hoof as it were. I get far more wrong than I do right. I look at the work other people do and know I cannot touch it. I feel like I am a kid playing at being an adult role - I am a "pretend" photographer if you like.
I just do not feel comfortable calling myself "A photographer" - there is a little voice in my head saying yeah pull the other one.


People do buy my work - both from my site of the football, and through stock. Maybe they will here as well - I do not know. I know doing it pleases me. I am going to do it whether people buy it or not so I might as well give people the choice to buy it.


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