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Karen Elsworth-Extradimensional

21 Days Ago

Editing My Uploaded Images.

Hello fellow artists, Im sure this is a groan subject that gets posted a fair bit..so apologies as I am relatively new to FAA.
I am having huge trouble editing my prices for paintings I have already uploaded. I have followed the instructions to edit via the bulk image editor and selected the images to edit I have tried to do this individually which did not work and all together simultaneously which did not work either, I noted that I kept getting asked am I sure multiple times. Every time I try nothing happens the images stay the same price. Not sure what Im doing wrong I have even tried editing the whole of the products listed not just prints and just the prints alone nothing works. I am at the stage of ripping my hair out and taking all my images down and starting again which is a pain. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Abbie Shores

21 Days Ago

1. Are you selecting all and then just underneath selecting all images on all pages?

2. Are you logging out to see the changes


Mike Savad

21 Days Ago

be sure your clicking the posters if that's what you want to change. make sure you change the prices in the box.

and as abbie said make sure your logged out when you look, because you will always only see your faa price, which is the base price for the image.

----Mike Savad


Mike Savad, thanks for replying. Yes I am and have checked logging out, its quite weird.


Abbie Shores yes and yes! I have done both of these things still it wont let me change the prices. The worst thing is I have some works that I wanted to send as gifts to a friend. I uploaded them and added only $1 dollar as my mark up and bought them for her and sent them. But now I cant change those prices and some other people have ordered so Im basically giving away free work!! I wouldnt normally use Fine Art America to drop ship but saw that some people have done this ok. I have deleted them to re upload so I am going to check and see if they are gone.

Re check actually those orders were mine!! oops!


Becky Titus

20 Days Ago

Are you following all these steps?

To change prices for work you’ve already uploaded, go to…
Behind The Scenes / Bulk Image Editor
Below the Image Name pop-up, click on Show All Images
Under Search Results, click the little square beside the word Image
Below the line, click on Select all ## images on all ## pages
Now click the button that says Edit Checked Images Simultaneously
The categories of products will load and you can select which products’ prices you want to change.
Be sure to hit submit when you’re finished.


Jessica Jenney

20 Days Ago

After looking through all your work I see your prices correctly! I don't see any 1 dollar prices.


Everything appears to be working now, am not sure what was a wrong but it appears to be something to do with my internet at my end we have had some interruptions and I think it was causing the connection to stop working and therefore unable to edit.
Thank you so much for your replies and help everyone!


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