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Linda LeNoir

10 Days Ago

Why Is My Work On Sale

New here and just wondering why my work is on sale like by 85%. Confused, thought I set the price?

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Joshua House

10 Days Ago

You may be seeing the price that you'd pay if you're looking at your own art while logged in.


Gill Billington

10 Days Ago

As Joshua says, you need to look at your page when logged out. That shows the prices a buyer pays.

I cannot see any work on your page!


Did you sell something Linda?


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

not sure what your asking exactly. you have nothing listed in your shop at all.

if you sold something through designer prints, it will be a large amount off, everyone seems to be signed up by default. its a sale you woudln't haven't gotten if you weren't there.

----Mike Savad


Abbie Shores

10 Days Ago

Logged in you would see the price YOU pay if you want to purchase your own work


Connie Fox

10 Days Ago

Ha! I just had the same thing happen to me--and I've been around long enough to always be logged on. I put someone else's greeting card in my shopping card, but it listed at my price as if it was my card--and a framed print of my high school that I intend to order this month was marked down. I have no idea what happened! :-)


Jessica Jenney

10 Days Ago

But you have no images uploaded, Linda?


Elaine Jones

8 Days Ago

I've just noticed the same - I recently did order a print of my own work, then today while logged in, I clicked on the print to check one or two details, and it showed a 58% discount, with 15 hours remaining on the sale and the regular price crossed out in red. Other print sizes and options also show a seemingly random discount. Then I clicked on other artists' work, which also showed discounts, but this time 20% for all sizes and print options.


Elias Pentikis

8 Days Ago

In your case Elaine maybe it is these tests that Sean runs on the Fine Art America site lately. The discount is not real, as we have been told in another thread.



Theresa Tahara

8 Days Ago

If I buy something on my Fine Art America site it is on sale with the regular price crossed off in red. If I purchase from my own FAA Website it is not on sale.


Bill Tomsa

8 Days Ago

Where are your images Linda?


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