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Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

1 Month Ago

Mutual Promotion Thread #162

IMPORTANT. This Discussion Thread is for "Mutual Image Promoting".

The idea is simple, Like/Vote (Thumbs Up Icon) for everyone's posted images, according to the guidelines, and they will like yours in return. This is the only mandatory thing. The only exception is if an artist has labeled an image with a Warning about content. There is no obligation to open it in this case.


- Post *ONE* image link you want to promote every 24 hrs. Copy your image link out of your URL line in your browser (or Address Bar), then paste it here. Please don't post the Embed links that bring up the photo previews.

- Click back 24 hours worth of posts, or all the posts between your post from the prior day when you first join/come or return after a break. Like/Vote (Thumbs Up Icon) on "all" the image links. This may also mean going back to thread 161 when this thread is very new. (Copy and Paste) https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=4939916

- Post your Fine Art America link *ONLY* (URL starts- http://fineartamerica.com/)

- Please post your link first before you make "any commentary". This helps those on mobile devices

- One image link per day only.

Discussions like ours have a BIG SKIP inserted in them that hide to minimize scrolling through a huge list. In order to catch everyone's posted images, you must open the BIG SKIP.

(The Don'ts)

- Don't solicit votes for contests.

- Don't get into discussions about world politics or religious convictions etc, etc, etc. That's not what this discussion is intended for.

- Don't post negative commentary about FAA (Fine Art America) or push any other site as better than FAA. Any negative commentary about this particular thread will be removed immediately and the member will be removed from the Self Promotion For Artists group.

- Don't post links from "Pixels"!

- Don't post w/o going back 24 hours. Anyone not reciprocating will have their images removed with no notifications.

If this is unclear, please contact me for clarification. Thank You for reading the Guide

Stay Positive,

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Joan Carroll

1 Month Ago

hello 162


Rick Locke

1 Month Ago


October 8 - Thank you all!

Went back 24 hours into Thread #161.


Bellesouth Studio

1 Month Ago


I'm about an hour early, have to go to a doctors appointment,


Sharon McConnell

1 Month Ago

Hello 162 ... have a great day!


Leif Sohlman

1 Month Ago

mark ti


David Zanzinger

1 Month Ago

Finished up #161 .. liked all ....l/f/c on a lot!


Note To Everyone

We have lots of new members participating in this thread now and I want to make sure that we set the right example for the future...

1.) Some new members don't seem to understand that they must go back 24 full hours and like/vote for "every" image

2.) There is no such thing as "posting and coming back later to like/vote for images". Please do it all in one sitting! Don't do half and then promise to come back later to do half. I will remove your post if you do this. Just blue-line it for that day! Fav's and Comment are not mandatory here.

3.) I am considering a new Guideline Rule for the overall group that includes New Members having a minimum 26 images in their catalog and Premium membership in FAA. We have too many newer members with but a few images that come into these promotional threads and they are quickly thru their inventory. In all candor, they have nothing to lose by skirting guidelines since there is not much established.

4.) I'm not as interested in a bigger membership in this Group as I am in a participating membership. That's why this group membership continues to get smaller (over 3500 removed so far) and 50% of those that join are rejected (because they do not follow the guideline for joining). If they can't start off right... they won't continue to follow right.

So... there are the words...

The guidelines are important. Thank you to everyone who follows them.

P.S. I am not worried about you tried and true members who come in after 22 hours one day. I know you're not cheating.


Bill Chambers

1 Month Ago


Thanks Glenn for your continued efforts to keep the group active and on track!

Going back 24 now, both here and on 161.

Have a great day everyone!

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Johanna Hurmerinta

28 Days Ago


Life is short. Embrace each day. My young niece, and then the child of a good friend, passed away suddenly, and I created a few poems for them. This is one of them.


Robert McAlpine

28 Days Ago

Oct 21 https://fineartamerica.com/featured/amanda-robert-mcalpine.html Canadians - don't forget to vote today - important national election


Arlane Crump

28 Days Ago


The interior of one of my favorite restaurants - The Tobacco Company (Richmond, VA)



All caught up on weekend posts. Have a great day everyone.


Hello Friends

We are now going on to a new thread, It is located here: https://fineartamerica.com/groups/self-promotion-skills-for-artists.html?showmessage=true&messageid=4982984

#162 has come to a close.



This discussion is closed.