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Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

9 Days Ago

Mutual Promotion Thread #164

IMPORTANT. This Discussion Thread is for "Mutual Image Promoting".

The idea is simple, Like/Vote (Thumbs Up Icon) for everyone's posted images, according to the guidelines, and they will like yours in return. This is the only mandatory thing. The only exception is if an artist has labeled an image with a Warning about content. There is no obligation to open it in this case.


- Post *ONE* image link you want to promote every 24 hrs. Copy your image link out of your URL line in your browser (or Address Bar), then paste it here. Please don't post the Embed links that bring up the photo previews.

- Click back 24 hours worth of posts, or all the posts between your post from the prior day when you first join/come or return after a break. Like/Vote (Thumbs Up Icon) on "all" the image links. This may also mean going back to thread 163 when this thread is very new. (Copy and Paste) https://fineartamerica.com/groups/self-promotion-skills-for-artists.html?showmessage=true&messageid=4982984

- Post your Fine Art America link *ONLY* (URL starts- http://fineartamerica.com/)

- Please post your link first before you make "any commentary". This helps those on mobile devices

- One image link per day only.

Discussions like ours have a BIG SKIP inserted in them that hide to minimize scrolling through a huge list. In order to catch everyone's posted images, you must open the BIG SKIP.

(The Don'ts)

- Don't solicit votes for contests.

- Don't get into discussions about world politics or religious convictions etc, etc, etc. That's not what this discussion is intended for.

- Don't post negative commentary about FAA (Fine Art America) or push any other site as better than FAA. Any negative commentary about this particular thread will be removed immediately and the member will be removed from the Self Promotion For Artists group.

- Don't post links from "Pixels"!

- Don't post w/o going back 24 hours. Anyone not reciprocating will have their images removed with no notifications.

If this is unclear, please contact me for clarification. Thank You for reading the Guide

Stay Positive,

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Paul Quinn

9 Days Ago

Hello #164

Thanks Glenn


Joan Carroll

9 Days Ago

Hello 164!


Leif Sohlman

9 Days Ago

Hello 164



Update on Finn - he's much back to his old mule self. His knee joint is not swollen and his limb is like an old man walk. So we're saying he had an orthopedic injury. Thanks for everyone's prayers.


Judy Jones

9 Days Ago

So happy for you and Finn!

Hello 164.
Thank you Glenn!


Chance Kafka

9 Days Ago


Finished on 163 and caught up to here. I too have depression, coupled with anxiety. I too rather dread this time of year with how early it gets dark and being mostly alone over the holidays



All caught up to my last post.

Good luck with everything, Bob. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Debbie Oppermann

9 Days Ago


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Maria Sibireva

9 Hours Ago

Thank you everyone for your kind words and likes/faves.
I wish you health, dear Bob!
Warm wishes to you all!❤


Kristina Rinell

9 Hours Ago


Sheila, never had any orders returned but I did have one cancelled a while ago and I got notified about the cancellation, think you should have been in both cases?

Sending healing thoughts, Bob .... and have a fun trip, Joan :-)


Belinda Greb

8 Hours Ago

Bob - hope you have a quick and thorough healing! Glad they caught that!


Barbara Chichester

7 Hours Ago

Bob, Hooray!!!! Welcome back and take your time....all the best!


Marlin and Laura Hum

5 Hours Ago

That's great news, Bob!


Sheila Fitzgerald

2 Hours Ago


Thanks for the replies. I did get an email for the first order that was cancelled, but for the more recent one, If I received anything, I missed it. I use an app to track my sales on other sites and FAA is on that app and I noticed the amt of that sale went to zero so that's how I figured it out for the second one.


Lynn Bauer

2 Hours Ago


Welcome back, Bob!! Praying that you're back up to full speed soon!


Sandra Clark

1 Hour Ago

I posted this yesterday. In honor of my son and grandfather

How many of try to seek on more than one site.


Bill Chambers

20 Minutes Ago


Good evening all. I'm on the road this week to be with my daughter while she has surgery, so I'll be hit & miss in posting and primarily just doing L's and F's in commenting. I apologize for that but I should be back home by Sunday or Monday. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and are enjoying the week thus far. Going back 24 now. Take care!


Lisa Wooten

20 Minutes Ago

Night Y'all


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