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Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

Free Shipping Already But...

But not here.

I see where Esty is running free shipping ads on TV.

I wonder how that works for those of you that are using FAA for fulfillment on Esty?

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James McCormack

7 Days Ago

In theory at least, the artist foots the bill. Thats from talking to Etsy users.
As for fulfilment from here, I guess Etsy will expect artists to pay shipping too, in practise no idea how that would work.


Jennifer White

7 Days Ago

It doesn't make sense how Etsy can force stores to do free shipping. Just doesn't seem right. I bet some of the store owners are going to have to raise their product price to cover shipping.


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

that doesn't seem right at all. considering how far some of these things have to go. it should be a personal thing to offer it, that shouldn't be a burden for the seller.

----Mike Savad


Steven Ralser

7 Days Ago

Etsy is encouraging artists to provide free shipping. If you do, you get placed higher in search results than people who do not offer free shipping. Etsy also says you should increase your prices to cover free shipping.


Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

There's no such thing as free shipping. Or cheap shipping. You always have to either lose the money, or up all prices across the board.

Many people moan at our shipping costs because we don't do either, so people actually see the real costs. They are so used to seeing eaten costs, they then think we are ripping people off. In fact it's the opposite.

To force sellers to do anything is bad. It's up to them how they sell their wares. Etsy is only a platform after all.


Peggy Collins

7 Days Ago

Etsy isn't forcing anybody to do anything. After studying consumers' buying habits, they are "encouraging" us to provide free shipping because apparently customers follow through with their purchases more frequently when they aren't put into shock when they see the cost of shipping what they have in their cart.

It's a pretty simple thing to adjust your prices to incorporate shipping. It's the way just about every site is going now.


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

eBay did that same thing some years back Steven. Higher search ranking for free shipping.

They in effect screwed a lot of buyers by faking them into actually paying more. There were like items for less money even after the shipping was added on. When people complained about that, they came up with a search function that allowed shoppers to see the lowest price including shipping and/or free shipping.

The other thing it did is it allowed eBay to collect seller fees on the shipping. If you do not price the shipping into the selling price, the selling fees do not apply. When you do $10 Billion in total reves, 13% of the shipping fees become a nice boost to the bottom line.

You have Amazon to blame for this. The stated this whole "free" shipping scam. Then they got caught cooking the books when they lied about how much they were making because of the free shipping. In fact, the formed a separate company outside of Amazon corporate structure but they were still the largest stockholder (over 90%) and they passed that loss off to them. Some smart WallStreet analyst caught that and embarrassed them in the earnings conference call.

Now they report shipping in their earnings report as required by the SEC. They spent over $21 Billion on shipping in 2017 proving their free shipping lie is just that... a lie.


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

I agree, Peggy.

But the way it is being presented in the TV ad I saw it looks like it is straight across the board. In their online ads, some say on purchases of $35 or more.

I agree it is the way almost everyone is going because it has become a way extracting a few money pennies, or even dollars out of every most sale.

I was hoping FAA would find a way to offer free shipping straight across the board.

I for one would be willing to pay more for my Premium account to help subsidize the shipping.


Chuck Staley

6 Days Ago

Here's one for you...

One of the world's leading retailers recently bought one of the world's leading art sellers and they are offering things like 20x30 inch canvas gallery wraps for $29.99.

With free FedEx shipping!

Since I found some of my licensed images there, I bought 4 for myself and will buy more as Christmas gifts and to sell at my next Open Studio event.


Peggy Collins

6 Days Ago

Floyd, I didn't realize the ads were presented in that way. No wonder some sellers are angry about it. Yes, it's supposed to be on purchases of $35 or more. I can't say my sales have changed any before or after the "free shipping" although I rarely look at my stats so it would just be an impression one way or the other.

Chuck, I'd definitely go for that deal!


Nancy Merkle

6 Days Ago

The new CEO at Etsy, Josh Silverman, came from Ebay. If you have sold on Ebay in the past, I bet you can guess which direction Etsy is going next. Etsy also has a new advertising "opportunity" that is being discussed heavily in the Etsy forums. It is pay to play. In order to be seen on the platform, you have to offer free shipping and invest in Etsy Ads. Etsy sellers don't seem very happy with the new changes. Lots of talk about alternative sales venues. Silverman is squeezing them in an unprecedented ways. It will probably work well for Etsy's stock holders, but it creates a lot of really unhappy sellers.


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

Makes sense Nancy.

eBay has a program where you pay more to get a better search ranking and supposedly some sort of additional promotion.

You pay a higher seller fee and you get to set the percentage. You can choose any percentage you want to pay in addition to the normal selling fees but you only pay for it if when the item sells.

I have tried it on over a hundred listing and neve sold one of them so I don't do it anymore.

Overall my eBay sales are doing just fine without the extra promoting.

"What is Promoted Listings?
Promoted Listings helps your items stand out among billions of listings on eBay and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching for what you are selling, helping to increase the likelihood of a sale. The best part? You only pay when your item sells.

Promoted Listings is available to all sellers in good standing with an established sales history."


Nancy Merkle

6 Days Ago

Ebay promoted listings sounds like Etsy except at Etsy you can't choose your percentage, only a weekly budget. Etsy spends it how they see fit. The control over how much you pay per click is entirely up to the platform. There are a lot of complaints about click price being way too high and budgets are getting eaten up too quickly without any return on the investment. Time will tell how that all works out.


I sell my Original Paintings & Commission Paintings on Etsy.

I've had "free shipping" for quite some time. I have NOT raised my prices since my works are pretty much priced at the top of buyers interest. So I take a small hit on my profits.

I have not notice an increase or decrease in sales since changing to free shipping.

Why do I offer free shipping if I get no extra sales & less profit????

I LOVE free shipping, BECAUSE, when I shop on the internet I want to see my TOTAL PRICE UP FRONT.
I hate having to add items to my cart, then enter my zip code or address & then get the shipping estimate. I will move on to another site.

For me to comparison shop online, I need to see the Final Price. I want it for me, so I offer that for my Etsy shoppers :)


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