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Elisabeth Bender

4 Days Ago

Web Address

I just purchased the premium membership. I was assigned a web address with my name. Is there anyway I can change this address or am I stuck with it?

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Louis Dallara

4 Days Ago

Yes, you cab buy your own domain name and use it for wp/pixels names.


Mike Savad

4 Days Ago

you'll need an outside name server, buy that name there, and have it directed to here... however it won't be secure, so you'll have to sent it to cloudflare instead. i think abbie has the instructions for all of that.

----Mike Savad


Abbie Shores

4 Days Ago

Yes you can change it

You can change the name or title which appears on your profile by logging in and going Behind the Scenes | CONTACT INFORMATION

All your tools are in that area. I always suggest taking a while to just look around and see what you can do. Instructions are on each page.

If you want just one name, put it in the first name area and then put a space in the last name area

It is best not to add photographer or art to your name as we automatically add art anyway. Search will just look for your name and your medium is all over your account

If you need the link changed, then you need us to do that using the email on the account. We will check and, if nobody else has it, we can do that for you straight away.

No capital letters, or characters apart from a dash (-) and please keep to under 20 letters (inc dashes)

Let us know if this is what you need using the email on the account

Search pages will take 24 hours to catch up with the change if you already appear there


Elisabeth Bender

4 Days Ago

I don't want my own domain, I just don't want my full name.

Nevermind! I figured it out. Thank you!


Abbie Shores

3 Days Ago

Yes, that's what I gave you instructions for.


Domingo Rod

11 Hours Ago

Hi, I just created the account this week and trying to figure out if Is it possible to change my domain? right now it has a number on front and my name and last name and (-), to many things. I just want '' domingorod ''



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