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GJ Glorijean

7 Days Ago

Faa Social Buttons -gj

FAA Social Buttons are out of date:
1) Google says no long available
2) SU, Stumble Upon has migrated into Mix

Wish List Buttons:
1) IN, LinkedIN... We're indie working artist... Would be great to beautify & share...
Artist for IN... It is a publisher site where you can publish articles, as well as share FAA hyperlinks with our photos published.
IN also allows #hashtags so we can better share & increase visibility for both FAA, community & our artworks.
2) Word Press
3) Weebly (?)

Thank You, GJ glorijean

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Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

We have Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons. I don't know why the SU and G+ buttons are still there?! LinkedIN would be nice. Wordpress and Weebly are not social media.


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

those other 2 shouldn't be there. i would like a linkedIN because they filled the gap at being a facebook like place.

an instagram thing would be cool but they don't allow that sort of thing.

those other two are blogs i believe. and not everyone has an account like that, the buttons are for strangers to advertise for you.

----Mike Savad


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

7 years here and those "buttons" have been on and off problematic since I have been here. FAA has no control over any of SM platforms and as they keep changing things it is nearly impossible to keep up with.

On the other hand, if you post directly to your chosen platform you get exactly what you want every time.


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