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Tran Boelsterli

4 Days Ago

Not Getting Emails From 2 Recent Sales

Please help!
My friend told me today that she ordered 2 items 2 days ago. I did not receive any email (like I used to, in the past sales). Any idea please? I hope there is not any new setup that I missed.


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Abbie Shores

4 Days Ago

Check spam folder.


Jessica Jenney

3 Days Ago

Do you have Gmail? That's best for receiving your notifications.


Mike Savad

3 Days Ago

the mail isn't as important as it really being a real sale. but as said gmail is best, the rest eat the mail. and its usually spammed out.

----Mike Savad


Tran Boelsterli

3 Days Ago

Thank you, Abbie, Jessica and Mike!


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