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Mirfarhad Moghimi

3 Days Ago

Wish 317

Please visit Abstract Artist & Painter artworks of, " Mirfarhad Moghimi " ,
Digital Abstract Paintings image of ( Wish No.317 ) ,
and Please support and purchases, at:

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Chuck De La Rosa

3 Days Ago

Hi Mirfarhad! Everyone on this forum is an artist like you. All trying to sell. It's not likely you'll make any sales here. You've got to market outside of FAA and find your audience. I wish you the best!


Mike Savad

3 Days Ago

everyone here wants to sell things, and because its pretty much all artists here, we don't buy from each other all that often. you have to advertise outside the site.

i also suggest you break up your collections, add cover logos and name things with more original titles other than wish and a number.

----Mike Savad


Rich Franco

3 Days Ago


Welcome! Very nice work! You have been here since 2014 and just over 4,000 views/visitors, so that tells us, you haven't really done any marketing to drive buyers to your "store". You also have a few things that need to be worked on, if you would like.

1. Collections: you have 4 collections, one collection with 2 images, one with 1 image, one with 4 images and then one with 179!!! You might think about creating more collections from your one that you call "Wishes" and add some of those to your other collections, maybe by color or design.

2. No Prices or Products:

Sell Art Online

3. TINY IMAGES: 4"x10", and products with $0.00 costs. When filling out the default pricing, don't leave 0.00, leave the space BLANK, if you don't want to sell that image/product.

Art Prints

4. GIANT IMAGES: 41" x 108" and your pricing structure should be looked at. for this HUGE PRINT, you are charging $276, no idea what the actual cost to print this would be, but probably pretty close. As your print sizes get larger, your "profit margins" should also PROPORTIONALLY increase. Do some research and find out how others price their images as they get bigger and then use that price structure.

Sell Art Online

So my guess is that some of your images, maybe actually "thumbnails" and not the real files, you need to check that out. Need to start doing some marketing, Facebook,Instagram,etc., and get more people looking at your artwork. FAA does NOTHING FOR THE ARTISTS, other than provide a "shelf" in their HUGE STORE! YOU NEED TO GET PEOPLE TO YOUR SHELF!!!

As I said, nice work and should be selling here,

Hope this helps,



Mike Savad

2 Days Ago

your best to advertise on facebook and the like. this forum is for discussing things, not advertising your stuff. you can join into a conversation at time and add a work if it fits the theme though. but if everyone advertised like this, there would be nothing but that here.

----Mike Savad


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