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Judy Vincent

21 Days Ago

William Tasker Passed Away

Earlier today, I sent an email out to a group I administer and got this reply back (regarding William Tasker): Hello Judy, my name is Jim and I am a friend and neighbor of William and Jayne here in Florida. I am using his computer for this, and I posted something to read on his blog page for all to see, but I have no idea how this board of his works. If you could copy and paste it to the proper place it would be appreciated. But to let you know exactly why this needs to be read, William passed away Monday night, suddenly and unexpectedly. There is more information in the blog, but basically it seems he passed from a major heart attack. I know how much he loved this group of people and his photography, so I felt it was important to let the others know. If you could do that for me, I would appreciate it.


William is a group admin for Wild Birds of the World and has been a member here for many years: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/william-tasker

I was saddened to hear this news. He will be missed.

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Phyllis Beiser

21 Days Ago

So sad... He will be missed. Condolences to his family and loved ones.


Phyllis Beiser

21 Days Ago

Good day. My name is Jim, and I am a friend of William. It is with deepest sorrow that I have to inform you of his passing last night. Needless to say, it was quite sudden and unexpected. William loved being a part of this group of talented people, and took great pride in what he learned over the years as well. Photography was new to him, but he took to it like the proverbial duck to water and he was happiest when he was sitting outside getting some amazing shots! Someone will now have to take over the reins for him and run this exceptional board. I pray that you will be able to keep it to the high quality standards that William did. His widow Jayne, is understandably dazed at this turn of events, lost, not knowing what to do or what direction to go right now. Together they were an amazing couple, now the sparkle is gone. In lieu of flowers or fruit baskets, if you wish to send a donation it would be most appreciated I am certain, to help defray costs at this time. Information is: Jayne Tasker, 1225 NW 21st Street, Apartment 1711, Stuart, FL 34994. Prayers would also be appreciated for healing and peace for Jayne. Thank you for your time reading, any help is appreciated.



Mel Steinhauer

21 Days Ago

A talented nature and wildlife photographer here at FAA since 2015.

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Thoughts and prayers going out to his family and friends.


VIVA Anderson

21 Days Ago

I really admired William from afar, because I couldn't reach his standard. I saw a true gentle-man, in his work,through his groups.
An inspiration.

RIP, William.

Deep condolences to family and friends.


John Haldane

21 Days Ago

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this news. I really enjoyed his photography. Condolences to his family.


Mark Andrew Thomas

21 Days Ago

Wow....he just messaged me 2 days ago. This is extremely upsetting and shocking. Condolences to his family and friends.


Christi Kraft

21 Days Ago

Condolences to his loved ones. :(


Lindley Johnson

21 Days Ago

It's very difficult when someone passes unexpectedly, my condolences to his family.


Tom Schwabel

21 Days Ago

Deepest condolences. I really enjoyed his enthusiasm and support here on FAA.


Susan Wiedmann

21 Days Ago

I am sending my deepest condolences to William's family. His own photography is obviously stunning, and yet he took the time to feature and comment on many of our images in his "Wild Birds of the World" group. This is a shock.


Elisabeth Lucas

21 Days Ago

Oh no! I appreciated him very much! My condolences as well.


Karen Moss

21 Days Ago

That is so sad , he will be missed , he was very positively encouraging and inspiring! Deepest Condolences to his wife and family.


Sue Harper

21 Days Ago

Oh no! So sorry to hear. RIP William.


Gill Billington

21 Days Ago

What a shock. That is so sad. Condolences to his family and friends.


Jolanta Anna Karolska

21 Days Ago

This truly is the worst news ever...I am so sad and distraught...you will be missed so much, dear William...my deepest condolences to Jayne and the whole family.

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Brian Tada

21 Days Ago

Am so shocked and saddened learning of William's passing.

William will be remembered as a man of faith, superb nature photographer and a tremendous inspiration and encouragement to countless people through the Wild Birds of the World group he hosted so beautifully and to many more on Fine Art America.

My prayers and thoughts are with his family particularly during this incredibly difficult time.


Peggy Collins

21 Days Ago

Oh my! That is terrible news and incredibly shocking. William was a real sweetheart of a man. His gentle and kind spirit shone through every message he wrote. He really had a way of making people feel special.

My sincere condolences to Jayne and the rest of his family. So sad.


Lieve Snellings

21 Days Ago

My sincère condoleances to William’s partner, family and friends


Michael Hoard

21 Days Ago

Oh gosh so unexpected news to hear, William was an extraordinary and masterful nature and wildlife photographer, condolences to his family and friends.


Marlin and Laura Hum

21 Days Ago

This is such heartbreaking news. William was a most supportive host and bird lover. Our prayers go out to his family. May the Lord's comfort and strength be yours during this very difficult time.


Sandi OReilly

21 Days Ago

In shock!! What an wonderful, kind, thoughtful man William was, and passionate about birds and all God's creation. His descriptions were educational and his photography was spectacular. My prayers and thoughts to you, Jayne, and your family, for comfort and peace during this difficult time.

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Brian Wallace

21 Days Ago

I'm shocked and saddened. William always seemed to be friendly, sincere, and tried to make our group fun here at Fine Art America.

God speed William and may you rest in peace. Condolences to the family and heartfelt sympathy.


Lois Bryan

21 Days Ago

Oh no ... Judy thank you so much for passing this info along. I'm just devastated. He was an absolute delight ... always so supportive. So fun. What a light has gone out for us all. Bless him. Bless his loved ones. Bless us all who knew and enjoyed and appreciated him.


Joan Stratton

21 Days Ago

Very sad news...I always looked forward to William's wonderful communications and his lovely comments on people's work. It always made my day to read them. My condolences to William's family.


Catherine Reading

21 Days Ago

Such sad news to hear. My sincere condolences to William's wife, family and friends. He was such a great supporter for me on social media and a passionate group administrator. He will truly be missed here on FAA.


Matthias Hauser

21 Days Ago

I am shocked and sad. We worked together on a project some time ago and I considered him a real friend. He was such a witty and warm-hearted guy, I always loved to be in contact with him.

Rest in Peace, my friend. I'm sure there will be lots of beautiful birds in heaven for you. My deepest condolences to the family.


Eva Lechner

21 Days Ago

Oh no!It's a shock,I'm so sad.William was very much appreciated and he will be missed.My deepest condolences to his family


Western Exposure

21 Days Ago

Very sad news. My heart goes out to his family. I know him not but he sounds like someone whose passing tears a giant hole into the the fabric of his family and community and who quite likely will also be mourned by the natural world around him that he loved so much.


Big shock to read that, my thoughts go out to William, his family and close friends. A reminder that life is fragile and we should live every day.


Mary Ann Artz

21 Days Ago

I'm shattered. What a special man he was. Not long after I joined FAA, he sent me an email of encouragement, saying that he'd noticed an improvement in my work over time. I loved his group posts, and it was always a great thrill to get a Wowie! You will be missed, William.


Mo Barton

21 Days Ago

Very sad news. Sincere condolences to Jayne and all William's family and friends.


Amy Sorvillo

21 Days Ago

I am so saddened to hear this news. My condolences are with his wife, family and friends during this difficult time. William was always kind and encouraging & was a wonderful group host for “Wild Birds of the World”. He will be missed by his FAA friends!


Judy Kay

21 Days Ago

Very upsetting news! Not only a great photographer but my very favorite group administrator, He was always so kind and supportive, What a loss!


Geraldine Scull

21 Days Ago

Condolences to his family ! He was very committed to his photography and the group he will be missed !


John Haldane

21 Days Ago

I'm still in shock from my sister dying the same day. I didn't remember at first how awesome an administrator William was and how much I appreciated his support of my bird contributions. He was a wonderful man and I will miss him so very much here. I am so sorry he is gone.


Bill Tomsa

21 Days Ago

So sorry to hear this terrible and unexpected news.

Even though an infrequent contributor to Wild Birds of the World, I could always see Bill's love of these creatures.

He will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family and friends.


Cynthia Guinn

21 Days Ago

This is so sad. I will miss him. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. RIP William.


So sad to hear this, my heart goes out to his family and friends.


Ira Marcus

21 Days Ago

How awful. My condolences to his wife and family and friends. He was a very talented photographer and I think the best group administrator on FAA. He was passionate about the quality and accuracy of submissions to his group. I will miss his weekly posts. Although I knew him only through this community, I communicated with him privately a couple of times and felt I knew him as a friend. RIP William.


We are saddened to read of Bill's passing and send our deepest sympathies to the family.
May Bill be in the Lord's light in heaven and his family at peace, knowing that they will see each other again.
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Dale Kauzlaric

21 Days Ago

I am saddened at the news of William's passing, My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time of loss.


Debbie Oppermann

21 Days Ago

I am deeply saddened by William's passing, he will be greatly missed by all, my sincerest sympathies to his family


Jamie Ramirez

21 Days Ago

So sorry to hear this news. Lots of love, dear thoughts and strength.


MM Anderson

21 Days Ago

Sad news. Condolences to William's family and friends.


Regina Geoghan

21 Days Ago

So very sad and sorry to read this. I looked forward to his emails - they were always so full of warmth, intelligence, humor, support and kindness which is how he administered his group and seemed to live each day. Prayers and condolences to his wife Jayne and his family and friends. Rest in Peace William.


James Brunker

20 Days Ago

Very sad news indeed, he did a superb job as the Wild Birds of the World group administrator, came across as a lovely guy who lived life to the full and really loved his birds and nature generally. Deepest sympathies to his wife, family and friends and RIP


Tina LeCour

20 Days Ago

So sorry to hear of William's passing, he was a wonderful group administrator here on FAA and will be greatly missed!! My condolences to the family RIP


Marilyn Wilson

20 Days Ago

My condolences to his family and friends.


Susan Rissi Tregoning

20 Days Ago

I'm so sorry to hear this. Condolences to the family.


I am in absolute shock to learn of William's death. He was a wonderful group administrator and a good friend to me. His humor and gentle spirit were an inspiration to all of us who knew him. Dear William ... you will be missed more than you know. Sending heartfelt sympathy and prayers to Jayne and family. Godspeed, William.


Judi Dressler

20 Days Ago

What a huge loss... He was my favorite group administrator on FAA... always thoughtful, always putting so much effort into it, always kind, and funny too... he has felt like a friend. And his photos so clearly show his love of nature and wildlife; especially birds.

I will miss you very much, William. May you rest in peace... and join your spirit to the great ONE. I am holding you and your wife and family in the light. My deepest condolences to William's loved ones.


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

20 Days Ago

Oh my, how sad! Godspeed, William!


Michelle Meenawong

19 Days Ago

I am so saddened to hear this news.We will all miss him

May he rest in peace
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family


Jean Noren

19 Days Ago

I am so sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family. I enjoyed reading his emails, he was a gentleman.


Terry DeLuco

19 Days Ago

I am so sorry to hear this. How very sad. My deepest condolences to his wife and family.
I always enjoyed receiving his wonderful e-mails and the comments he left on my work.
Rest easy William


Jurgen Lorenzen

19 Days Ago

I am shocked and so saddened! William was a wonderful friend, great photographer and an awesome group administrator! My deepest condolences to Jayne and the family.
William will be missed greatly!

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Jerry Owens

19 Days Ago

I am so sorry to hear that William has passed away. He will be missed by many......


John Hughes

18 Days Ago

Terrible news, William was a great help and source of encouragement on FAA, my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.


Marty Saccone

17 Days Ago

Very saddened by the news of William's sudden passing.

Will miss his presence and dedication here very much.

A sad and sobering reminder of how fragile each of our lives is as we all are passing thru.

Thoughts and prayers,.......with sincere condolences to his family and those close to him at this difficult time.


Susan Capuano

16 Days Ago

So sorry to hear of Williams passing. He truly was one of the good ones.


Jennifer White

16 Days Ago

Oh wow!! So sorry to hear about this. I've always enjoyed his work! Prayers of comfort for his family and friends.


Jestephotography Ltd

16 Days Ago

I am deeply saddened, William was such a wonderful man, always kind and encouraging. My deepest condolences.


Greg Norrell

16 Days Ago

Seeing this thread a few days ago was very unsettling. I am not a bird photographer, but have a few in William's group. He sometimes went out of his way to look and comment on my landscapes. He was an excellent group administrator. I don't know if his wife or neighbors will ever see this thread, but if they do, lots of people beyond your familiarity deeply appreciated the character, talent, and humor of your loved one. My condolences.


Kathleen Bishop

16 Days Ago

He had such a kind and generous heart that touched so many here. His selfless support and validation of our work inspired and uplifted. He will be missed.


I just saw this and it is so sad. William always had a kind word to say, always encouraging and always made such positive comments and feedbacks. My condolence to his family.
He was truly a knight among men. We know not our timing of our departure. He will be remembered by this soul a long time for his kindness. Doug


Dani McEvoy

15 Days Ago

This is very saddening news. My condolences to his family & friends.
There's a GoFundMe posted on Facebook in case anyone would like to help his family: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3050456648302673&id=100000151040990


Kaye Menner

3 Days Ago

I have not long ago heard this very sad news of the passing of William Tasker, a very well loved member on FAA.

My sincere sympathy goes out to William's wife Jayne and all family and friends. My condolences to you all. A wonderful man.

[Message from Jayne] "William is spending his days in heaven now. Be good and be happy, But most of all be kind to each other.
His wife, Jayne"


Jim Whalen

3 Days Ago

My condolences to his family and friends. RIP, William.


Donna Kennedy

2 Days Ago

Such sad and shocking news, William was a very kind person and great administrator. He always gave me a smile with his quick humor. Rest in Peace, you are with the angels now...


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