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Simon Bratt Photography LRPS

18 Days Ago

3d Viewer On Mobile Device

Just trying the 3D AR viewer (on a mobile device) before sending to a client, it doesn't work properly. The Wall view does nothing. So no AR. Anyone else got it working?

Im in the UK and tried it on an iPad 2

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anyone got any experience of this?


Tina Lewis

17 Days Ago

Hi Simon, it works fine on my phone (android), I'm in the UK too.


Thanks Tina,
Strange, tried it on my iphone and ipad, with different images, and the wall AR view does nothing.
Any other Apple users?


No one else using Apple for this?


Left it 8 days for any feedback or help, strangely no answers from anyone on apple.

Sent two emails to tech support, no replies either. Maybe replies from tech support take over 2 weeks in reality, even though the reply said...
"Our customer service team will reply to your message as soon as possible. We're typically able to answer all questions within just a few hours."

Oh well will have to look elsewhere for my client. I cant put them off any longer.


Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

The tickets are with the developer. Unfortunately it's only he who can help


nice to know, thanks


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