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Doug Holck

6 Days Ago

Upload Issues Continue

So sad to have continued uploading issues, especially of multiple uploads. Usually only one will go through. It's wasting so much time, trying and retrying the uploads.

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Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago

We are not having any issues our end right now, I'm sorry


Rudi Prott

6 Days Ago

Working fine for me, but I don't use the multi uploader anymore.


Dan Carmichael

6 Days Ago

No problems here.
Uploaded 5 in a row.
Workflow included searches, deletions, edits.
Not a single burp.

I think if FAA removed the multi-file uploader as an option they would have a lot less upload problem reports.


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

Get used to it.

The uploading has been problematic on any given day for the entire 8 years I have been here. Mostly it works, but it can come and go for seemly no reason. Maybe it just gets overloaded from the demand of too many trying to do uploads all at once.


Becky Titus

5 Days Ago

I have had much better luck with the uploader this last week… not sure if the change came from FAA or my ISP, but great thanks to whoever it was!


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