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Gregory DUBUS

3 Days Ago

How To Know If Our Images Are Selected In Curated Collections

Hi everyone,

How to know if one (or more) of our images are selected in Pixels/FAA curated collection ?
I see FAA/Pixels have more than 895 collections staff made, and they actively promote them on many pages and links, but how to know if we have images in them ?

If there is no way, it's really sad, and it would be great marketing tool (along with a great reward i guess) ! (for example like group images featured activity notifications)
If we know our image is in a specific collection, we can promote the whole collection, and it will benefit everyone.

Abbie or any admins, do you know more about this please ?
Thanks for your answer, and thanks for reading and giving my feedbacks to the developper team


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Mike Savad

2 Days Ago

i've never been told when:

i'm chosen for the front page
got a review
got into a collection of some kind.

usually you search and see if your in there. you can promote the collection, but i don't see how it would help you at all.

----Mike Savad


Joy McKenzie

2 Days Ago

The Curated Collections *seem to be* mostly made up of images from big sellers: Linda Woods, Sharon Cummings, Edward Fielding, Naxart, and a ton more.... I also see names I'm not familiar with (been here nearly 8 years and look at the Recently Sold page at least once a day).

But, I'm thinking as a marketing tool, FAA/Pixels would put big sellers with sure bets in those collections. That's what makes sense to me. It's a way of promoting artists while marketing, which FAA really doesn't do much of here (promotion of artists). So I'm sure they want to get something, such as sales (based on past sales) out of this type of marketing.


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