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Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

5 Days Ago

Finally Finished! Anyone Else ?

I'm finally finished with a commission I was working on for a collector I have from Switzerland who is obsessed with cows and video games (My dream client) :) I have been working so devotedly on his new painting I call Moon Stone with cows as characters in his favorite video games like Minecraft, Destiny, and World of Tanks! It's such a relief to be finished! like after I've given birth and I can fit into my old jeans feeling. Anyone else have this experience when they finish a tedious commission like that? He also purchased another new painting to go with it called "Lactose Intolerant" of course MORE cows , now he owns 6 paintings! Shipping is really expensive through DHL to Switzerland which he requires and he pays for. Hope he'll want more cows down the line, mooooo! Sell Art Online

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Kathy K McClellan

5 Days Ago

Wow! Awesome work and wonderful clients.


Thanks Kathy, glad you like. Yes a wonderful client I have. Trying to seal another deal with previous clients Potatoes USA hope it goes through soon! That one will be with potato people which I had done 3 paintings earlier this year for them but they want another. crossing my fingers. I've been working on a proposal for the potato deal for a month now going back and forth but it might go through soon, I hope :)


Mario Carta

5 Days Ago

It's always so cool to see what's new in your gallery Leah!


Jean Noren

5 Days Ago

Nice work, Leah! I wondered where you had been.


Ronald Walker

5 Days Ago

Just recently finished a commission and know the feeling. Very happy to be working on my old friends again! Great work FYI!


Thanks Jean and Mario. Good to hear you finished one too Ronald, it's a good feeling to be done!


Lisa Kaiser

4 Days Ago

True genius...Love your creative works. Congratulations on completing the work.


Thanks Lisa,good to see you:)


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