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Christopher James

2 Months Ago

Special Features For Promotion #13 Closed Go To #14

This is a continuation of the Special Features for promotion #12 Discussion, which is now starting to bog down and taking much longer to load, which makes it much more difficult to administer.

Abby says that when artists recommend other artists, then buyers pay attention and I know of of a number of images that had a sale only several days after it was placed in the Special Features section of the home page. Though there is no way to actually prove it came because of the Special Feature, I like to think it had something to do with it. Add to that, this group is in the top 15 of all active groups within FAA, which has over 2100 groups.

I have made a slight change in how it works now and how it was. Instead of changing all the images in the special features section every week, I now add 2 to 8 new images a day at the bottom of the special features section and daily they rotate towards the top. I still use 8 images so that means that every day there is a completely new set of images (depending on how many participate). This keeps the special features fresh unless of course you don't nominate anyone. I notice that many other groups have now started some form of this in their own groups, so we must have been doing something right, so lets keep this going! It gives the group more visibility and can do nothing but compliment the members of this wonderful group and there have been numerous sales !!

Of course this will only work if the group members become involved. It is a simple process and takes very little effort of your time. You could do it when you are uploading your newest image to the group. I still feature images from those that are submitted on a daily basis and keep that at 50 images so the home page will not load slowly and also keep new images on the home page. It is becoming harder and harder to select features as new members submit and older members add additional images. So there are many wonderful Images to select from for the Special Features section that don't get my feature but still are very good!! So, HELP each other out.....this is YOUR group....

Post the images down below and remember NO NOMINATING YOURSELF... You have to nominate someone besides yourself!!! And don't forget the image must have 1000 Views and already have been submitted to the group. And if you wish to nominate more than one artists work that is just fine. Just do it in separate boxes.....NOT ALL IN ONE !!!

When posting images Please also add the URL as well....will make it easier as the new size of images has slowed down the loading process!!!!
I still need to see the image too, so I can match images for the best fit.....

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Kathleen Struckle

3 Days Ago

https://fineartamerica.com/featured/hyacinth-dreams-2-luther-fine-art.htmlArt Prints


Christopher James

2 Days Ago

This discussion has now moved to Special Features #14.........Please go to the new discussion......I will finish up with this one so don't post any more images here

Go To >>>>>> https://fineartamerica.com/groups/1000-views-on-1-image.html?showmessage=true&messageid=5307190


AnnaJo Vahle

2 Days Ago

Sell Art Online

I am nominating this beauty.


Sean Davey

9 Hours Ago

Art Prints


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