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Dean Harte

10 Days Ago

Help Identifying Fiat Model

Hi folks,

Any idea which model Fiat this is? Thanks!

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Matthias Hauser

10 Days Ago

Hi Dean, I'm no car expert at all but I would assume it is an old Fiat 500.


Dean Harte

10 Days Ago

Thanks Matthias, just did some googling and believe you are right. It's a Fiat 500, possibly from 1968. Can someone here confirm?


Tom Druin

10 Days Ago

HI dean ...only based on Matthias' original idea. Nuova 500 (1957-1961) or Nuova 500 sport (1958-1960) because of the "suicide doors" very cool image...


Jack Torcello

10 Days Ago

chinkwee chentto :)


Stefano Senise

10 Days Ago

mmh :P ...it could also be a Fiat 600 (some versions are very similar)


Rich Franco

10 Days Ago


I agree with Stefano, Fiat 600, with the larger rear window AND the line that's at the bottom of the door and then over the fender. Probably late 50's early 60's....


What did I WIN?



Dean Harte

9 Days Ago

Thanks everyone for your input! Fiat 600 it is :) Rich, like everyone else here you've won my gratitude for taking the time to share your knowledge :)

Fiat Seicento sounds so much cooler than Fiat Six-hundred!


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