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Stelios Kleanthous

12 Days Ago

Fake Sales Or?

Hi every one...
Im a member for years now in F.A.A. and im one of the happy artist working with this company.
Lately i received congratulation comments for a sale that i dont see in my profile sales column, and i was wandering if any one had similar situation?
Stelio Photogrphy

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Toby McGuire

12 Days Ago

Check behind the scenes > balance. The sale may have been cancelled, this area will tell you if that is the case.


Mike Savad

12 Days Ago

check there or in sales. but people mimic what the last guy said. so if you did sell that years ago, there will always be someone that says congrats, because the other one did. because there are no dates on the comments any more. i personally hate it when they do that.

----Mike Savad


Susan Rissi Tregoning

12 Days Ago

A couple of weeks ago, when the website went down, FAA lost an hour when they restored their backup.

I made a sale around that same time, received an email notification of the sale, but it never showed up in my behind the scenes. I contacted Abbie, and I was told that the payment didn't go through. My guess is it occurred in that missing hour. FAA had enough info to notify the buyer and they did eventually repurchase.

I'm not saying that is what happened in your case, but it is one possibility. I deleted the lost sale, and don't remember the date that all went down.


Some did not go through. Customers were contacted to try again if they wished


Jessica Jenney

12 Days Ago

If they wished? UGH!


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