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Robin-Lee Vieira

12 Days Ago


Are the presses running behind as result of current events? Ordered canvas for friend 10 days ago to ship to her address. Not yet received. Please advise. Thank you!

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The printers are not, no. But shipping companies are snowed under as you can imagine so please give them some patience right now


Robin-Lee Vieira

12 Days Ago

Understandable..thanks, Abbie!


Lois Bryan

11 Days Ago

I ordered a couple of things online from regular stores just before the youknowwhat hit the fan, Robin-Lee ... and they have taken FAR longer to get here than usual. They have gotten here, though. Just ordered some bird seed and there was a notification as I placed the order that shipping would likely take longer than usual, and this company used to be next-day service.

Abbie is spot on.


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