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REVAD David Riley

11 Days Ago

The Drop Down Menu Is Broken On Ipados

Clicking the behind the scenes drop down link on IOS just refreshes the page. The drop down menu does not consistently appear. I managed to get the menu once in about thirty attempts and wrote this report.

Browsers tested: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave. No surprise as all use the same Apple core code.

I hope it gets fixed soon as I use my iPads a lot here.


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Jeff Folger

11 Days Ago

Don't worry Dave, it's been going around, someone will kick the bumper and it will begin working again...


REVAD David Riley

11 Days Ago

Yes. I saw your post Jeff, but it was closed. A bit of a pain, but I have now saved a set of bookmarks for each menu item. So, when it inevitably happens again, I am prepared. For now, I’ll leave this open while it remains broken.


Bob Wood

11 Days Ago

There is a new IOS update (13.4) for iPhones and iPads. If you haven't already updated it might help with your menu issues.


REVAD David Riley

10 Days Ago

13.4 makes no difference Rob.


Floyd Snyder

10 Days Ago


You don't need the drop-down or the email notification of sales if you use your bookmarks. It gets you to the desired information much quicker.


REVAD David Riley

10 Days Ago

Indeed, but the site menus should work, should they not?

Sorry to be so unreasonable as to expect the site navigation to actually work.

As ever, if and/or when it gets fixed, is nothing to do with me.

I figure the site owner wants to be told when things are not working.



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