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Mahogany Woolfolk

12 Days Ago

I Just Have A Few Questions!

Hey Everyone!

So I joined FAA in May of this year :) So I'm still trying to get the hang of things. As far as our social media goes are we allowed to share others work in order to get more visitors for them? I have my Facebook business page, and pinterest. Could I post a mixture of my work and other artists work as well? Just wondering :) Also for those of you that have received sales, what are your secrets? LOL. Thanks!

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David Dehner

12 Days Ago

Hi Mahogany, I am sure other artist would not mind you posting there work with a link to their page on social media - I know I would not mind lol

Secrets of sales - - Hard work - Social Media - all ways you can think of to get potential customers to your FAA site..


Post your work on every social media you use!

Selling here is mostly about bringing your own traffic to your images which means YOU do the marketing.

Use SEO keywords in your titles & descriptions to get discovered in Google searches.

No need to post other artists images, but with a link back to the image, no one should complain :)


Jeffery Johnson

12 Days Ago

I appreciate folks sharing links on social media to things of mine they find interesting. I haven't really push my works here but do on other sites and especially my main site. It really is what one finds interesting, something they see and get as a gift, it matches their decor and so on. Something I haven't been the greatest at and that is pin pointing my target market or ideal customers. I have had success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in person sales and people doing searches for what they are interested in locating and my site comes up in their search.

Jeffery T Johnson | Photo Captures by Jeffery


Mike Savad

12 Days Ago

you can advertise me and others. that's fine. it won't help you any, but it would help them.

sales secrets, there are none and there are lots. it varies per person. its best to just read the forum, the faqs and blogs.

Marketing 101 by Mike Savad
Why Your Work May Not Be Selling - By Mike Savad
Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell – By Mike Savad
How To Critique And Edit Your Own Work For Better Sales
The importance of Descriptions and Keywords by Mike Savad

mostly you should only post work you would buy yourself. it should only be your best work. you want great descriptions and a lot more keywords than a few.

for example
Canvas Art
no one will be typing dirt to find this. they may be looking for the type of flower in there. and according to google lens its called a lily turf. tell us more about this as well. there are no solid secrets, just have work people want to buy, present it professionally. if anyone with a camera can take it, they will probably not buy it.

Canvas Art
i had no idea they ate meat. but unless you list everything about this scene no one will find it. you can't cheap out on the words. list the chicken, wing, food etc, not sure why color is in there. be sure there isn't too much noise in the background. they have strict rules here, and if looks noisy they may not print it.

you'll want to organize into collections, and everything should be in a collection, nothing should be outside of it or it may be missed. and you'll have to advertise yourself.

----Mike Savad


Rich Franco

12 Days Ago



As far as sales, a LOT of competition here! So getting buyers to see YOUR STUFF is the first thing you need to do! And KEYWORDS are....well...KEY! You have some images that better/more keywords are needed, for example, "Tree Lumps"...kinda cute, but not sure ANYBODY is going to search for tree lumps! On the other hand, they might search for Cyrpess Tree KNEES!!! So ANY image you put up, do the research and get better words. Here's another, "lilypads" which does have the keywords, lilypad, but not probably the more important word, Water Lily flower! Stuff like that really would make a difference here in search results. pond, lake,nature,solitude,tranquil, words that help describe the image and maybe how others might see this image...

Good Luck!



Jessica Jenney

12 Days Ago

It's fine to share work that is already posted on Facebook using the share button, but as far as posting a link directly from a person's gallery, I would ask first.


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