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Sabrina Ciferri

12 Days Ago

How Does Billing From Italy Work?

I had my first sale, hoping they will add more, I wanted to know how invoicing works, who will I have to pay the invoice to

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Mike Savad

11 Days Ago

the customer buys the image.
the site divides up their share and yours
your balance is shown in balance
after 30 days, you will get the money and its put into paypal - if it was ordered after the 15th, its the following month.

your location doesn't matter unless you can't get paypal. just make sure the paypal link is set up.

----Mike Savad


Sabrina Ciferri

11 Days Ago

Yes, I understood this procedure, but in Italy I have a VAT number and I think I have to invoice my sales, who do I have to pay the invoice to?


Philip Preston

11 Days Ago

The buyer is a customer of FAA, not you, so if VAT payment is appropriate then it would probably be FAA's responsibility to deal with that.


Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

As Philip says, you're not paying anyone. You are paid.


Floyd Snyder

11 Days Ago

You are not the seller. FAA is. You are not involved in that part of the transaction.

It helps to look at our relationship to FAA in the right perspective. We are only paid a fee for the use of out images. We are not retailers. FAA is.

Looking at FAA from the right perspective


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