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Clay Barros

11 Days Ago

Just To Say Hi

Hey ppl of Art! My name is Clay Barros and I have just joined Fineartamerica! I am from Brazil and started painting during this pandemic not to become crazy and most of that,
Because that’s something I wanted to do for a looooong time.
I hope to make good friends here and wish you all health and a very great success !!!!


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Rich Franco

11 Days Ago


Welcome! Good people here, so if you have questions, just ask away. Here's something to know, before you start uploading new images. Make sure your artwork is cropped correctly, can't leave anything on the sides or surrounding walls, if this happens and you sell an image, FAA will cancel the sale! Not fun! Also, make sure that when you "light" the artwork, it's done evenly. On your nice abstract, lighting looks diirectional and just like above, if sold, order maybe canceled...

Here's my tutorial on professionally copying artwork...


Let me know if you have any questions...good luck!



Milija Jakic

11 Days Ago

Welcome, stay safe, nice picture of cave


Scott Pellegrin

11 Days Ago

Welcome.. I wish you health and success.


David Dehner

11 Days Ago

Hi Claudia and welcome,

Looks like you have some very nice paintings in the image above. You should do well.

To save some distress later - A friendly suggestion is to do what Rich says above and also open the F A Q post at the top of the discussion page before you upload any more of your beautiful work.

The link below is for new members.



Tony Singarajah

11 Days Ago

Welcome Claudia.
Take some time to read the FAQ by Abbie Shore the forum moderator manager.
You will see that as the first discussion thread on this page
All the best.


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