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Try Cheatham

7 Days Ago

Integrity And Art

What does integrity mean to you? Does integrity mean something different in your art than with yourself?
Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of our actions, values, methods, principles, expectations and outcome .

Intellectual integrity involves both seeking and valuing the truth; being systematically critical of truth claims via analyzing assumptions and looking for evidence; being true to one's intellectual understanding of the world; and being willing to change that understanding in light of new information.

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Ronald Walker

7 Days Ago

For me it is just trying to stay true to who I am, what my experiences are and how I interpret those experiences. Since I am of the belief that our experiences shape who we are it is an ever changing process.


Lisa Kaiser

7 Days Ago

Integrity for me is living in the "now," being non judgmental, listening and asking, and finally moving towards that end with a knowledge that... "I brought something nice to the table." table = my social, family and work scenarios

Art life:

I can't be divided in my approach to my art because I create for others. I sell to all kinds of people and I work for every kind of person. I don't say to myself, oh this person doesn't agree with me so they're bad and I'm not painting for them (I sometimes want to say that!) or (I dislike this person so I'm not going to pull through on the job)

I'm not kidding when I say that one person who I painted for was a complete "doof" in their outlook on life. I still did the most beautiful marbled wall in their home and the only way I could shut them up was to have them watch me. It was an elderly man and my reward was after two hours of painting I looked back at him and he was wide eyed and I asked him, "do you want a faux crack in the wall?" and he said, "Yes!" As a person, he was difficult to listen to as I did not agree with his outlook on life.

Creating my work unimpaired by corruption is integrity. I don't do a poor job as a result of who others choose to be. I am an artist and I do my craft and I get paid. lol

Consistency therefore is what I strive for as far as integrity.


Janine Riley

7 Days Ago

For me Integrity means being transparent in my actions.
That the honesty of my word hold solid though my intentions and my deeds.

My art is based on the sincerity of my emotion.
The truth in the emotion is the responsibility and held by the receiver.


Val Arie

7 Days Ago

Being true to ones own self, which Ronald already said, pretty much sums it up. My art is nothing but an extension of myself


Brian Wallace

7 Days Ago

Integrity is something I'm not sure everyone has but that perhaps some of us have to certain degrees. It is however something some of us and maybe all of us should strive for our entire life. It is one of those values that help to make us a better human being regardless of how it plays a part in our art. We all sometimes fall short of these goals from time to time which is also part of being human. The import thing is to keep striving to be better.

Each person's "experiences" may be different than another and consequently some of the values like integrity may be more or less difficult to achieve. Some of us do the best we can despite the the roadblocks and others don't seem to care much about improving themselves. If it's not integrity, there are plenty of other worthy goals to pursue in life.



Shelli Fitzpatrick

7 Days Ago

Integrity to me is doing the right thing even if no one is going to see it or give you credit for it. Being honest and impartial to the best of my ability. These things are very hard to discuss when you have to check your beliefs at the door so I have to leave it there.


Richard Reeve

7 Days Ago

I'm with Shelli. To my way of thinking, integrity is about having a correctly aligned "moral compass" and doing the right thing. How it fits into art is difficult to fathom other than to say it is synonymous with "being true to yourself" I guess, or not "selling out" whatever that means...



Leslie Montgomery

7 Days Ago

I am not a religious person but to me there is much truth in the commandment that says "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" I don't know what number that is.

Without realizing it that is how I have lived my life and will continue to do so. I would never treat another person in a way I would not like to be treated, even down to the little things, like manners. I am a Please and Thank you kinda girl. If I hold a door open for someone or something along that line and they just march on by without so much as a "Thank you" I will tell them "You are welcome!" Many times they just keep walking but many times they will stop and say "Thank you". I like to think they will remember those two simple words next time someone does something kind for them.

Shame that so many grown adults in this world need to be reminded when they are rude.


Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

Integrity definition, adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


David M Bridburg

6 Days Ago

In the art......stemming from my actions......

I found, I have been very ridged in what I wanted to artistically accomplish. In that I could not market for the first four years.

I only had a few sales during that period to non family members.

My art was a moving target going construct to construct, plenty of flexibility. But zero relation to marketing the artwork. I tried adding keywords. Never mind being buried, that effort was meaningless to my art sales.

I went to great lengths showing my art on Twitter, FB, In, YT, P, etc........I could never remain consistently involved. I was not a marketer. The effort was not in tune with marketing my art.

But I did discover something, probably 10k people who were not bots saw my art. None of them were buyers when the prices were within the norm. Whatever that is.

While the sample is very small, I sell at very high prices.

Is there an integrity problem with that?

Now I am marketing. I have studied a lot of marketing. I am cheesing up my marketing.

Do marketers have integrity? Or is there a problem with that?

I want to ask you, Try Cheatham, what is a lack of integrity in the arts?

We meet the public as we may.



Martha Harrell

5 Days Ago

Art integrity is not stealing someone else's art via downloading a screenshot of it. Or deliberately copying it by repainting it. To me, those actions are fraud.


David M Bridburg

5 Days Ago



Thing is those are not my actions in my art. Asking about how we have integrity in our art as our actions?

Infringement is a related topic. Infringement by definition is not OUR art.

I'd still like to hear from Try.

Dave Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery



5 Days Ago

Integrity is a reflection of character. Art is a product of artists. Art integrity relates to the provenance of the work in question. If the artist is misrepresenting their work then both provenance and character are compromised.


David M Bridburg

5 Days Ago

It is the easy low hanging fruit to talk about infringement.

We need to hear back from Try, but I think she wanted to talk about more important messaging v lighter weight fluff.

Dave Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery


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