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Vicki B Littell

7 Days Ago

Domain Security

I purchased a url domain from godaddy.com for my pixels.com website. However it is not secured!! Godaddy says the host, FAA, is responsible. How do I contact FAA to discuss this issue?

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Gill Billington

7 Days Ago

Abbie has a tutorial for using the free Cloudflare account to make your domain secure. This is what I did.

Abbie Shores4 Months Ago

Unfortunately we cannot make your domain secure. Pixels is secure.

However, using my personal tutorial will show a way to make things secure for you https://ourartsmagazine.com/ssl-domains-on-pixels-com

If you follow the directions there one line at a time it will create a secure site for you

You can get more help here https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=4635623


Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

I also have a GoDaddy domain name and used Cloudflare to make it secure:



Vicki B Littell

6 Days Ago

Thanks, Gill and Jessica! I have followed instructions and am waiting for it to catch up.
Vicki Littell


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