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Kip Vidrine

6 Days Ago

Selling An Original File Of A Photographed Image From My Gallery

I was emailed and asked about the purchase of one of my original files for an image from my gallery. I took the photo, it is in my files (somewhere), and this person wants to buy the file from me to use with another company that can turn that file into a black and white and then into wallpaper.
My query is.... How much should I charge?
I have already got a call in to my law firm to work up a contract to make this purchase binding to where they cannot use it more than the one time and cannot sell the image without going through me.
I would like to make more money off this type of deal if possible, otherwise I'd be selling the rights to this piece.
Any thoughts, comments or suggestions. I need your help.
Thank you

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Mike Savad

6 Days Ago

first make sure your image can be enlarged so it won't look terrible. then i would work directly with the wallpaper company. you'll need a contract but i wouldn't trust the client. it should be at least as much as you would get for the largest sized print. i'm curious which image it is, a lot of your work is very small 1000px or its grainy (it may even have issues printing here). some is blurred. as wallpaper, you need a very large, clear and sharp image. a customer may not know that. and when enlarged it would stretch it out and may look terrible.

i usually reject wallpaper people, because no matter what size my images are, and i have large ones, i don't trust the quality it in the end, and that represents my work. so make sure you know from them and the paper company how large the file needs to be. because they have a certain size they may need and may reject it because they have a reputation to uphold also.

----Mike Savad


Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago


You can read all of the details about how our licensing area works on the following page:


If you're looking for detailed information about commercial licensing, in general, take a look at this page:


Most of your questions can be answered by reading both of those documents.

https://licensingpixels.com is where the images will appear if you choose to license them

That's a subdomain of pixels.com and is totally separate from pixels.com and Fine Art America.

Art products are on pixels.com.

Licensing products are on licensingpixels.com. So https://licensingpixels.com/profiles/1-kip-vidrine.html

If you choose to license I would choose one type only (personally I would not do royalty free as you lose control over them but it is entirely up to yourself, obviously) then say YES on the licensing page and then you will need to price the images for that section

The left hand price is for the original. the right is for units after the original... it should be very low, like 0.009 as that will soon mount up to a large sum of money.

There are two links there also. One to show Getty prices and the other Shutterstock

Artist Areas and Tech Support Manager

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