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Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago

Posts About Your Art Here?

Hey all

We already have a great blog thread about ANY posts you have written BUT

I would LOVE to see links here to blog posts, or YouTube videos you have made, about your art on this site in particular!!

Please share with us.....

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Philip Preston

6 Days Ago



Marieke Mertz

6 Days Ago

Would this be something you're looking for? My art process for my "Hummerville" painting which I have posted on this site: https://www.mariekemertz.com/blog/my-intuitive-acrylic-painting-in-layers-process Thanks for checking it out!


Peggy Collins

6 Days Ago

Here's one of mine, called 20 Cats.


Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago

I am looking for any that mention the site by name as being the one you are selling on


T-S Photo Art

6 Days Ago

Video posted on YouTube: I hope this works :)


While this article has been online a while it does reference FAA as the manufacturer of my photography art prints. It is also about one of my best-selling photographs.

Link: Photography Print of Indian River Bridge at Twilight

~ Bill
~ BillSwartwout.com


Chuck Staley

5 Days Ago

Never mind.


Dora Hathazi Mendes

5 Days Ago

Oh, I have this one, but you know it :)
I mention Fine Art America under my Cat Zodiacs image, in the second paragraph, and a little bit under that again .. :)



Dora Hathazi Mendes

5 Days Ago

And also in on the blogs of Bill Swartwout , titled "My Favourite Cat Artist In The Whole World" :)



David M Bridburg

5 Days Ago

oh well nothing too exciting....I was hoping for more.....



Dora Hathazi Mendes

5 Days Ago

This is from my art blog Karavella Atelier - Paintings From Portugal.
I think I mention Fine Art America in almost every posts here. This is my latest one:



Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago

Thanks guys. I am interested in how people tie the site into a post or video after something that was said in our last staff meeting. Also I may be running a piece on my mag site about FAA/Pixels artists and their work off the site (posts and vids) and it helps if they link back....

Nothing majorly exciting I am afraid....


Lois Bryan

5 Days Ago

Abbie I'm really glad you posted this. Ever since ... da problem ... with my blog, I've really been dragging my feet getting back into it. I just popped over and was horrified to see that my last post was in July.

( smacking self in forehead)

Bad Lois.

Anywho ... not absolutely sure I've mentioned Fine Art America anywhere ... ? ... but everything I post is about the art ... and leads back to my Artist Website page.

Here's the link ... http://loisbryanphotography.com

Now excuse me while I go write "update BLOG" on my to do list ...

Btw if the above doesn't fall within the guidelines of what you're looking for, just delete. No problame-o.


Lois Bryan

5 Days Ago

Also, here's my YouTube account. The most recent 2 vids listed there are for my real estate photography, but the previous are Fine Art America / Artist Website related.


These are the two art videos (very old):



I'm on Vimeo too ... same videos. https://vimeo.com/loisbryan


Laurel Adams

5 Days Ago

These are two external Our Arts Magazine links: My INTERVIEW link and writing task link from the Our Arts Magazine, if this helps your project.




I don't blog, I often do a little blurb about the background story of my art on my FB page & link to FAA artist website



Peggy Collins

5 Days Ago

Oh, I see. Well, as Gilda (Emily Litella) would say..."Never mind."



Shana Rowe Jackson

5 Days Ago

I know I have mentioned it on my channel before, but I honestly can't remember which video lol


Bruce Bodden

5 Days Ago

For my last screen print that I did, I did a step by step photo sequence with caption explanations...because people were asking me how I do my screen prints.



I never name FAA/Pixels in my blog since I am trying to brand myself but I don't do anything that isn't tied back to my AW.

I do a travel blog. Every image directly links back to the image on my AW and then at the end of each post I do an "About the Photographer" section and show a piece of art in a setting or a few products.

This has been my most successful post so far.... https://www.susantregoning.com/blog/henry-ford-car-shows

I have sold 5 of the images in it, several of them multiple times.


Rebecca Wang

4 Days Ago

I do a new Blog post on my website for every artwork that I create. In it, I talk about the materials, process, and inspiration for the artwork. I also include a link to my online store where they can purchase prints and products with the image.

Here is one of my more recent examples: https://www.psychedeliczen.com/2020/09/02/chinese-azure-dragon-pastel-drawing/


Here's my New Orleans slide show. I have only done 3 of these so far. In the discription I link to a blog post that ties into the same subject and also to my AW. I have sold 8 of the image in it, some of those multiple times. My little ad comes at the end.



Peter Awax

4 Days Ago


Lise Winne

4 Days Ago

I have a blog site totally dedicated to fantasy artists at Fine Art America. I haven't written in it since Dec 2019 (bad me! - but plenty of reasons until this summer), but until then, I was pretty religious about posting work to it. I thought since it was a blog hosted on google, we'd get a fair amount of traffic.

Anyway it is: http://faafantasyart.blogspot.com/


I just reactivated a video that Matthias Hauser made for me about a year ago for one of my more popular collections, the Indian River Inlet Bridge in coastal Delaware.

I created a blog post about it and mentioned FAA by name - with links that currently go to my gallery collection.

Blog post: Indian River Inlet Bridge Photographs Video


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